Just getting into the hobbie

Hello I new to this, I have been researching for a while now and have decided for fishing a Sot will be best for me. I live in the twin cites and will be using for lakes both big and small (ponds-lake superior) and also rivers, including dams once I get the hang of the yak.

I think I have settled on the Malibu X factor, but my problem is I do not know where to buy one and I’m hoping I don’t have to order through Amazon.

If anybody could give me insight on where to look to buy I’d appreciate. Or if you know of similar yaks in the 1k range. Any info is much appreciated as I am completely new to this. I am 6’2 235lbs

Kayakfishingsupplies.com is an internet
retailer I have purchased fishing gear from with good success. I did not buy a kayak from them but their service with gear was good. They do have a delivery points around the U.S., including Egan, Minnesota, looks to be $69 shipping if I read their website correctly. Good luck with your purchase.

It’s Canoecopia weekend in Madison
Got some time to drive over to Madison WI. Largest paddling exhibition in the US, see lots of boats and dealers.

Just a FYI this is not a Hobby it’s a addiction but a good one. Very soon you will be looking at youtube for mods and then your next kayak. This is by no means meant to deter you it’s a blast. I just had to chuckle when you said Hobby. I know in Missouri there are a few stores that have weekends planned for prospective buyers to try kayaks out on the water. I would look for one of them. Good luck and welcome to the addiction!

slow down
You really should test out any kayak first before you buy. Ignore recommend carrying capacities that brands publish they are always inflated. What do you wheigh and how long are your legs is critical.