Just got a whitewater IK. Any gear tips?

A couple and I just bought three lightly-used Sevylor River X/ XK1 inflatable whitewater kayaks ($600 for 3 boats and 3 Aquabound 230cm paddles, woo-hoo!). These are not the mushy taco Tahitis or Orange Torpedoes, they’re pretty tough. I’m a hardshell kayaker and river runner, but …

What gear/care/inflation/storage/etc. tips does anyone have for whitewater IK’s?

Foot Braces and Thigh Straps?
I have a Sevylor 100SVX. Mine was the first year and didn’t come with foot braces or thigh straps, or have “D” rings to attach them too.

I think later models came better outfitted.

I’ll second that
I modified a yellow torpedo and it handles class III just fine. I’ll second the thigh straps. Unless you have the self bailing… a binge/bilge(?) pump.


Hmmm … Store Inflated?
I have the room … this seems like the best way to keep it in good condition.

Q: Can the Boston valves be replaced with someting better?

I’m not sevylor or anything, it probably would be better to store unfolded with a small amount of air. Dont leave it completely inflated. My yellow torpedo was stored folded for many years and has shown no signs of wear. As far as the valves… You can, but its probably not worth it. My sevylor branded foot pump fits perfectly into the boston valve. Check out NRS for replacement valves. This upgrade might be much more work than its worth.


The SVX100 Is Self Bailing
But doesn’t drain that quickly compared to a hardshell SOT