Just got the SI swimsuit edition.

All that water and not a kayak in sight.
Reminds me of Playboy in the 60s.

That’s because:

Bunnies in the 60’s,
we’re never allowed to yak,
Hugh held an iron fist over them,
agentless they earned no slack.

But super model sirens,
those struttin’ hot tamales,
can yak-n-yak off their yacht’s back,
only string attached by Norma Kamali.

CWD, I’m glad you’re still here. I detect a lack of humor in tje current generation.

Maybe that’s why my employer disappeared into an upstairs office after picking up his mail this morning?

What’s missing is a magazine (or calendar) for us gals, featuring tanned, buff guy surfskiers working out on a sunny summer day.

The SI girls don’t look all that buff, just young and mostly nekkid.

Christie Brinkley, exhibiting Darwinian perfection or Dorian Gray-ness, at 63:



She’s gorgeous. Lots of hard work, great dermatologists and probably good genes.

Maybe I should buy her book? But then, a new kayak would be more fun than Botox. And last longer. :slight_smile:

air brush edition?

I’m at the age where one in the bed is worth a thousand photos. Mine has been there for 47 hears.

yea but it’s still nice to look. Problem is you don’t know if it’s real with all the airbrush work they do and other photo graphic tricks. Loyalty is tops but a woman with a nice smile makes me smile and that’s what life is about. But the most important smile is the one I get from my 17 year partner because it’s more than a smile it’s a life of trust and solidarity.

my favorite kind of “bunny” is a shuttle bunny, and keepin’ with the young folks outlook on sexuality you can be a guy or a gal, makes no difference to me,but a cold beer at the take out automatically earns ya’ “super model” status

My best paddling/camping partner was fun to be around, very organized, and a great cook. Alas, she married a guy who doesn’t Paddle and was jealous.