Just My Luck

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Facing financial ruin a few weeks before Christmas, I decided to let go of my Mirage 19. It was either that or don’t eat and find a nice cardboard box to live in, a split level.

Within a day of placing the add it's sold but then I have a real problem, business spikes and I make two sales that make selling the kayak unnecessary and face a dilemma. Do I go through with the sale??

Darn, darn, a thousand times darn..I guess I can't be Mirage19 anymore.

Sucks to be me
Tis better to be stupid in silence than post here and be confirmed :)

Wasn't meant to be and I am already thinking about the next boat...when $$ getz right

Yes, I did go through with it

Explain to the person and ask to be

Yes, it sucks, but…
…perhaps there’s a silver lining here as well.

Let’s say that the buyer really wants you to honor the contract of sale, and you decide it’s just the right thing to do. So now you’re without your beloved Mirage 580. I can understand how bad that might feel, but a paddler is an optimist, so perhaps you do have alternatives.

It seems that your sales job can be a bit of a roller coaster…flush one month, and not-so-flush another. In a situation like this, it might be not only practical, but interesting as well to think about building your own boat. With the design tools available to just about anyone with a computer, you might even be able to design a cedar strip boat that’s very much like your old Mirage…only prettier. Or, you may even consider this an opportunity to expand your horizons, and think about building some other sort of boat…even a very inexpensive SOF boat.

Though I now have two boats–one fiberglass and one S&G that I built from a kit–my own personal tastes are now moving decidedly in the direction of building my own SOF boats. Though I’ve only recently been thinking about letting my trusty and beloved old CD Caribou go to someone who would use it more than I have for the past 5 years since I built the S&G boat, the idea of moving on isn’t nearly as traumatic for me as it once was.

After all, I do love that old boat–my first boat–but it’s sad to see it used so little these days, and it might even make me happier to see it go to someone who will use and enjoy it as much as I did when it was my only boat. Of course, I’m not giving up on the “little fleet” idea entirely, as I am planning on building more boats (SOFs only, as far as I can see into the future at this point).

When it comes to the expense of boat acquisition, I’m feeling very fortunate that my actual preferences are leading me in a direction that is not only potentially more environmentally friendly, but also very much more friendly on my pocketbook.

Even having said all that, I can certainly understand if you loved your Mirage 580 so much that no other type or design of boat could really replace it as far as you’re concerned, but if it happens that you do decide that honoring this sale is the only thing you can do, at least you have alternatives; and some of these alternatives might even turn out to be something you’ll enjoy at least as much, or even more than your Mirage.

Just a thought or two for you to ponder.

Good luck with whatever you decide!


Living in your house
beats living in your kayak – but only during the winter months…

If this had been the month of June…

If you decide to go strip built
I found some excellent design software on the Internet. Works well, no cost, and no ‘gotchas’

email me if your interested.

Is that the Kayak Foundry software?
If so, I have a question. I was curious, so I downloaded the program file. After unzipping it, I found the .exe along with a couple of .dll files. When I double-clicked on the .exe file, the splashscreen showed for a second, then disappeared…with no program running. I didn’t see any “readme” file that might explain any of this. Any ideas?


If I were the buyer and you explained
the situation to me.

I would be disappointed, but would understand and allow the sale to be dissolved.

I try to go by the old "do unto others…, etc



Less Succulent Today
Truth be known, I really liked that kayak but it wasn’t the one. Obviously I won’t be a fleet owner anytime soon so I’ll just have to save up and find what I want. I can work two jobs if I need to, maybe sell some plazma, pawn some stuff.

I’m going to tack toward chines and a rocker and may even try an SOF. Comfort concerns me about that craft but at least it will keep my hands busy in the winter, if that ever gets here