just picked up a kayak!!

I found a used Edyline Fathom LV at a good price and picked it up last night! I am pumped!!!
I’ve been using my 12’ Perception Acadia for over 8 years and was ready for an upgrade. I want to start doing some salt water so a longer kayak was called for.
The Fathom LV actually weighs less than my Acadia … 48lbs vs. 55 lbs!! Hope to get it wet in a few days.
The Acadia will be sold soon.
Here is a pic of the Fathom next to my Acadia.


You will be surprised at the speed you can paddle. Note it will likely seem more “tippy” stability is from the movement through the water and the paddler. You’ll get used to it.

I always like to switch back to my 13.5 ft boat from the 17 for a change of pace and turn-ability.

Beautiful boat, that is a considerable upgrade – congratulations! I think it is about 6" narrower than the Acadia – take your time getting used to the change. Kind of like going from a golf cart to a Ferrari!

Yup, I’ll use it a bit before selling the Acadia. It has a few minor scratches on the hull. Otherwise it looks new.
I think the price was good … $1400.

Great buy, Rob! I have a Fathom LV. Super boat with excellent outfitting and fun to paddle because it’s fast, responsive, and easy to keep on edge.

Enjoy! I had a Fathom LV for a couple years.

Ooh, she’s a beauty! This is one of the kayaks I’ve been, keeping an eye out for as suitable for the smaller paddler. Let us know how you like it!

You will enjoy the move up. Many safe strokes ahead.

If you like small rivers or swamps, keep the Acadia.

You may want to consider keeping the Acadia. I found that I had a lot more opportunities for getting out on the water once I had a second boat to loan to friends. Not only could I equip them to join me but it introduced them to the sport so that some of them eventually bought their own kayaks. Though your friends would have trouble keeping up with you in the Fathom!

Hmmm … I’ll hang onto the Acadia for a bit. First of all, I won’t get top dollar for it … maybe $300 if that.
2nd, it may come in handy for ones, etc. Another thought is to get something cheap and light for ponds.

In any case, I need to build some outside storage for the boats. My wife has an LL Bean Calypso (Perception) as well.
We have no room in our garage so, I’m thinking of making a rack or something outside.

Beautiful boat. Congratulations!

I agree, keep them both and see how it plays out.