Just scanned AARP Magazine. Depressing!

Your doc may kill you and if not,your pharmacist gets a chance.

Sales on adult diapers, which may give you an infection and catheters.

Make sure you select trustworthy people to make your financial decisions when the time comes. What to do if your spouse dumps you.

The bright spot; it takes only moderate exercise to stay ahead of the curve.

Reading p.nut is more fun.

Don’t just use it - push it!

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So says this article:


Pushing yourself outdoors now while having fun sure beats pushing a walker in an assisted living joint in future years.

Aging happens
Including needing a lot of assistance if you live long enough. You can mitigate the results by staying active. But at some point you have make enough peace with it to plan for when you can’t stay fully ahead of it.

Or go swim with Orcas, or Great Whites.

Oh. So you’re opting for…
The nano-buoyant


green death out there in nature,

deep-sixin’ walker

let apex stalker

cut String of nomenclature,

As angels harp

“To hell with AARP!”

big Jim’s last words were said,

as out to sea

re-tears Tilley

and holes find more than head.

“Bring-in the second String,” coach said.

I’m already working with my replacement;
#1 grandson.My kids thankfully took after their mother.

Yeah Man
I had one of those memorable road rides on Sunday. Hung with the pack while a twenty something guy fell off the back… several times. I’ll be 61 in a few weeks.

Genes probably have something to do
with how we age.

I hope I inherited my Dad’s. He was a kid in an aging body who still biked for miles, walked, climbed trees, invented things, and played with the neighborhood kids while his contemporaries were shuffling around with canes (if they were still alive). He was very adverse to doctors and took no meds. A throw rug took him down and medical malpractice caused his death.

I think he would have loved paddling.

Heartening to read that
After a long period of barely cycling at all, I started riding the fixed gear again. Only once or twice a week, and only 1 to 1.5 hrs at a time. But boy, that thing must be burned into my psyche as Slacking Not Allowed. Can’t coast anyway, so might as well pedal harder. Honk up short hills and spin like crazy going downhill. No worries about running out of juice on such short rides.

I just can’t get the same cardio effect from paddling, but hiking uphill works well, too.

My weight training right now is…slingshot shooting. LOL. Way more fun than gym work! And I shoot on both sides, carrying over that lesson from kayak rolling. It is surprisingly physical.

Genetics can help
I have a lipids profile that anyone in their 20’s would be happy with, one thing I can skip worrying about. Pure genetics, can’t say I have done a thing to earn it. On the flip side, I am down a body part that my family history suggests would have otherwise nailed me by now. Giveth and taketh away…

I used to have a good one. Might have to go buy one!

Wish I had gotten one years ago.

In about three weeks I have shot it enough to wear out the band. I have read this is normal for fixed-prong models, so I am going to buy the one with rotating prongs, I need a backup unit anyway, because when you replace the band you have to wait 24 hrs before using the thing again.

But multiple slingshots is much cheaper than multiple boats!

Grey haired people…
Covers always have grey hairs on them… I just don’t relate.

Same thing…
difficult getting over 85% of max heart rate paddling. I’ve never had my Forerunner heart rate alarm go off in my kayak, but that has happened interval walking uphill. Kayak good for zone 1, road better for zone 2.

Are you using a hunting slingshot?

General purpose
Trumark FS-1. Reviews indicated it was an inexpensive yet fairly accurate slingshot, and suitable for learning on. I like it and the ease of buying replacement bands at various sporting goods and hardware stores.

Right now killing cans is my only “hunting.”

BEING Pushed
I can’t push myself very well at all. Luckily there’s a sick little community of old road bikers nearby that go out early in the morning and push each other. That would be my recommendation. Find a group that likes to compete. Running, biking, swimming, or paddling.

Gray hair has its advantages
I get “senior discount” movie tickets even though I’m not old enough. People open doors for me sometimes, even though I’m thin and fit. Besides, as long as I have hair, I can make it any color I want, though I’m perfectly happy with it the way it is.

As for AARP, I won’t have anything to do with them until they stop opposing regular competency testing for elderly drivers. Too many cyclist and pedestrians are getting mowed down by people who are no longer capable of driving safely. It needs to stop!

So Many Touches of Gray
(Eh, Jerry? 50 shades, 31 flavors, WHATEVAH, I guess?)


goes out to sea

oft times when we get older,

it’s lack also vex

at hand in text

of the mis-steering wheel holder,

so how to measure

at drive in leisure

or purpose destination,

falls to suggestion

stood before black-n-white question

the ageless gray or grey situation

Just an FYI on that one
Personally I agree with you, but there is a backup option until retesting is more common. Most states have had options for someone to anonymously report a problem driver for quite a while. This process will kick off a full retest.

It does take some courage and/or inconvenience. It will usually be a family member who notices first. So they have to relocate their elderly relative to a place where they do not need to drive, or become their chauffeur. It stinks. I was the front line in getting my stepmother relocated and it was quite a while before she was not actively PO’d at me. But everyone else backed away and it was that or someone got hurt.

For all of its warts, AARP also offers some insurances at a large group rate. For those of us with robust insurance options from a job or the military, it is easy to forget this. But for someone who does not have that advantage and/or is in an area poorly swerved by the exchanges and Medicare, the insurances offered thru AARP can really matter.

I’m elderly
And not gray. Nor use hair color.

So there is one stereotype out the window

Another is that older are responsible for more than their fair share of accidents

I think that EVERYONE ought to have periodic retesting