Just spent a couple of days near Bryson

City, N.C. Coolish nights and 85 deg days. Dry up there also, but nothing like here.Some color is beginning to appear on the hills but it looks like the early yellows are turning brown and falling quickly.

Paddled Lake Cheoah which is fed off the bottom of Lake Fontana. Water so cold it hurts.

Are you and Charlie going to paddle in central Florida this winter?

That is in the early planning
stages Sissy. We missed doing the Aucilla last year and really liked the Wacissa so who knows where we’ll be.

Cheoah Lake
Drove along it on NC Route 28 last Sunday on the way back from Bryson. Saw a couple of kayakers. Perhaps one was you?

We were there Tuesday.

We’re headed to Fontana lake in a couple of days for 4 nights, 5 days of camping and fishing Hazel creek and eagle creek.