Just took in an old Sawyer for repair...

and I need someone to tell me what model it is: ser#SAW09089H81H. Does the serial number alone identify the model?

It’s a 1981 tandem '16 kevlar skin coat with aluminium gunwales. Snow crushed it and the rails need to be replaced so we can get the hull back to shape before we do structural patches on the inside. We have a ton of old alum rails from when we purchased what was left of the original Vermont Canoe. They will work fine.



N umerical order

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Sawyer did not use model or mold codes; just numbered them as they came off the line. All the code tells you is that it was made in in August 81.

If a Sport it isn't much of a boat. The Canadian was known to be harsh but fast. I loved that boat.

It’s a sport…
Thanks for the info!