Justine Curgenven

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The new website of Justine Curgenven's Cackle Tv is now active. There are new photo galleries on the Tasmania and Loforten Islands expeditions.


Is it me or did Bcu coaches always look this good?

signed Justine on for our symposium this may for all of the fans of, “this is the sea” you should come to symposium this year. She will also be filming part of her follow up on Lake Michigan, so let’s hope for some exciting conditions.

New site looks good.

yup, a p-netter created the site!
derrickam was the one who helped them update the site. Nice job Derrick! It’s a huge improvement from the former site.

I Wonder…

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if TsunamiChuck will comment about the "looks" of a BCU coach?

I almost capsized in the middle of Boston Harbor a couple of months ago when he said something about one. ;) It would have been instant death with me laughing as hard as I did.


paddled with
her AND shawna in wales in Sept…hmmn, sure beat the usual salty, needing a shave feller telling me, well, that stroke was shite, wasn’t it?

we were in North Stack…she raced down a wave, the boat went vertical and sunk in to amidships in the race…and then popped up…the entire 17 feet of boat cleared the water vertically and then plunged back down into the race…she rolled up and discovered i suspect the reason the production company has the name it does…she was cackling with glee!

I beleive she will be here at her our
annual Kayak Retreat in Terra Nova here in Newfoundland in May, looking forward to paddling with her…

Yup, she will.
Got an email from her last month. I can’t go…:frowning: