K-pump question

I’m thinking of getting one of the K-pump models to use on my inflatable kayak (right now a Stearns, and got an Innova Sunny on the way). The present double action barrel type pump that I have is hard on the back because of the bent over position you have to use. It only takes a few minutes of pumping bent over in 90 degree heat to make you really lose interest!

So does anybody have experience with the K-pumps? Which model is easiest on the back? Do they come with check valves and different adapters? Their website is not too clear; seems to indicate some models come two ways: with or without check valve. Unfortunately I don’t think there are any dealers within a thousand miles of here so I can’t just go look at one!

Thanks for any info…

I use a coleman rechargeable pump on my Innova Solar II. You can adapt the end to plug right in to the valve. I usually just push it in and let it set there and fill. I fill all three main tubes. It won’t fill the tubes full. I pull this pump and plug in my foot pump and give it about 10 pumps on each tube and I am full. I then fill my backrests with the footpump. This really cuts down on the bending over time. The rechargeable lasts through several outings before it needs to be recharged. I have had it about three years and it is still working great. Need any more info let me know. You are going to really like the Sunny.

Good luck.