K1 Position / Hip Flexors

Just after a bit of advice from K1 (and I guess surf ski folks).

How much work should your hip flexors be doing when just ‘sitting’ in the boat? Mine are always engaged but I’m not sure if that is normal. My HR never really drops below 120 even when just sitting in the boat, I think this is why.

I’m not vey flexible and have the classic I.T job so I do struggle to sit up straight.

TIA for any pointers.

Welcome to P.com Paul. Regarding your statement about flexibility; Yoga lessons, perhaps, for beginners, (Vinyasa Yoga in my case) while attending classes in a professional studio. It has made a significant improvement for my joints, flexibility, strength and controlled breathing while in motion (I’m 75 yrs).

The improved flexibility, strength and posture - all body movements, techniques in general - transfer remarkably well to being in a canoe or kayak, how I sit and move while paddling.

A good paddling instructor can help get you properly fitted and adjusted to your boat, too.

Time is very important as well. It takes some time for the boat, the body, paddling skills, reading the water, developing a sense about it all, for everything to come together.

It is so worth the effort.

Welcome, again, to paddling.com Paul. There are some wonderful paddling folks here who can offer you better advice.



I’m going to make a guess that you are coming from the racing world, possibly K1 sprint. As i recall, stability at rest is not a design criteria for those hulls. If that is the case there is a chance that it may be somewhat of a balance issue where your body is unconsciously locking up & fighting its self trying to stay upright. Beyond stretching and yoga (both are important) you also might try building a balance bench (Practice Kayaking Indoors - Alder Creek) to use when you are at home. The link gives a general idea but it is very modifiable. The are using a 2X4 but most that I have seen use wider stock. Mine is made from a 2X10 X 48" long.

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I think my flexibility is poor. For example sitting upright with straight legs is not possible!

For sea kayaks etc it’s fine, you have a backrest and more space.