K1 SINO from KayakPro

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Has anyone paddle the K1 Sino from KayakPro? and how does it compare to the Nelo Vanquish, stability-wize?

Looking for a k1 to be used in some marathon (river) races. I do not want to go to the extreme of getting a Vanquish, but I do not want something more stable than my Mako Millennium.


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sent you an e-mail with info.


Thanks Hex!

www.vandusenracingboats.com Great boat or how about west side boat shop?

ICF ruled K-1
Thanks for the input, but I am looking into a ICF ruled K-1.

For the unlimited category my Mako Mill is sill on top of the food chain.


Unfortunately I do not have direct experience with sino vs vanquish but have spoken with some that have. The person went from vanquish to sino because of cost. He is highly competitive but not at olypmic level but has won blackburn several times. His comments were tha the vanquish had better construction in terms of stiffness but unless you are at the very top of the food chain the difference is negligible.

Also you will get more info at the yahoo group and leads on used boats at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kayak/

Don’t know if you already visit that group but it is sprint marathon board and very helpful

Also there is a used sino at:


under for sale.

Also there is a a chinese sprint boat on pnet classified in texas by a guy named elploggo. I bought a van dusen eagle k1 from him and am extremley satisfied.

Because of the icf rules there is not much difference between the hi end boats unlike the skis. The rules make it much more driver dependent and less boat dependant on who wins or your time.

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Sino vs Vanquish

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Cost is the appealing variable between these two boats. Nelo has one of the highest quality I have ever seen among kayak makers, but its prices are high as well. To me, KayakPro boats seem to be like the Chinese (less expensive) version of the Nelo boats.

In fact, my objective is to find a demanding a boat (stability-wise) well built (to hold several years of use) without having to put 4k on the table. I still (and will for a while) feel as a landlock surfski paddler :(

So thanks for your input; I know there are quite a few old school boats in the market to choose from and if the price is low enough, I could consider them too. Hex, is lending me a Kirton Typhoon to try it out and to take the time to research the market.


I have paddled a Sino and Vanquish
I have a Vanquish in the river layup. I think the price has gone up but the river layup was priced reasonably and appears very tough though it does flex a bit since it doesn’t have a foam core. The flex doesn’t seem to be hurting my speed any so it is a reasonable trade for a little impact resistance.

Build quality is good on the Sino, about as good as you can get for the price. The marathon Sino comes in around 10kg and is pretty stiff.

Handling wise:

Sino is a bit more stable than the Vanquish and has better directional stability. The Vanquish turns better and probably has a tiny bit less drag but it feels pretty “nervous” by comparison.


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Thanks for the info Reid; just plain curios, if I am not mistaken, you first acquired the Vajda (I guess your sprint boat) and then the Nelo with river layup; was this done only thinking about different layups for different purposes or you found different qualities between the Vanquish and Supersonic?

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still have the Vajda
I got the Vanquish because I wanted to try a different style of ICF boat. The river layup was just the least expensive option and probably the best to withstand marathon training. The Vajdas are REALLY well built. I wouldn’t overlook these in your search. The Vajda 01, like the Sino, has little rocker and excellent directional stability. It is also one of the more stable designs (though that is relative, it is still pretty tippy compared to a ski).