K1 training boat

I’m interested in a fast boat for fitness and training (mostly on flat water or in the harbor). My current skill level rules out full on K1 race boats. Models I’ve been considering are Nelo Razor, SRS Laser and the Plastex Marathon Master. I tried a Laser and it felt pretty tippy at first but I think I could get comfortable in it.

Does anyone have any comments on the Razor or the Plastex boat as far as their stability and speed compared to Laser? Also where can someone find these boats on the west coast?

SRS Laser or Cobra Eliminator
I’ve been looking at these two boats and have about decided on the Eliminator. The Laser looks really good but I like the idea of the “climb back in” Eliminator SOT. I have not found any reviews of the Laser but there are a few reviews of the Eliminator on this website.

Have fun, and more than likely you will no matter what you chose. This is a great fun per dollar sport.

Ocean Kayak Sprinter
This is another boat I’ve just heard about that sounds good. It’s a 17’ SOT 21" wide and is supposed to be very fast. It’s now made in Australia and not sold here except maybe for dealers NOS and used. I’m still leaning towards the Eliminator. there are a few reviews on this site.

Thanks for the comments. I have an Eliminator and do like the fact you can climb back on easily. Also being plastic I’m not as worried about dragging it up the beach which I wouldn’t want to do with a glass or carbon boat. One problem I have in the Eliminator is my feet and lower leg goes numb quite often. It must have to do with the position of the seat and foot brace in this boat. I have not had that problem in any other boat. Another boat I would love to try is the Nelo Razor but finding one to demo out here on the west coast is impossible.

Eliminator In My Future

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Today I just got a deal going for a used Eliminator. I looked at the Plastex and Nelo on the internet after reading your post. Seems like the transaction would be pretty risky and lacking in any kind of customer support from Poland unless you have found a west coast dealer. The Cobra customer service is very good and so is the quality. I'm thinking of removing the rudder on the Eliminator as I'm "one of those." What do you think as far as tracking, etc.?

The SRS Laser really seems the way to go. It's the most beautiful Kayak I've ever seen, and that adds power to each stroke.

Any input on the Eliminator would be appreciated, thanks.

I think you will enjoy the Eliminator. It is a fast boat and you’re correct they do have good customer service. I was having some leaking around the venturi drain and called them. They identified the problem and sent a replacement part out no charge. I’m not sure I would remove the rudder. The hull is round and there is no defined edge so it would be difficult to turn by leaning and too much of a lean will result in a swim. You could give it a try and see how manueverable it is. Good Luck. If you hear of any used Laser’s for sale let me know.

usack club
As a self taught paddler I wasted years by not starting the right way. To be a good paddler, you must train with the best. The people at www.usack.org (flatwater fred mecini web page and free videos)and their clubs are wonderful at technique. I know there is a club in San diego. Go to the club and be humble the way I was humble about knowing nothing. Maybe for #300. you can buy an old club boat that they consider obsolete because it is slow and stable. They have week long training camps where you could immerse your self and advance your skill by years.