Was there something on here a little while ago about K2’s flipping over easy? Is it so? I don’t remember the discussion reaching any resolution.

I’m thinking about building one and would want to know about possible problems.

Boats don’t tip over
People tip them over!

For what it is worth; I have a 23 foot long K-2 that is 20 inches wide, and we can lay it on it’s side and then up right it without it tipping over.

Are you designing it or are you using plans?

If you are using plans, why not ask here of others who have built the boat.



I’m designing my own. I suppose I’m thinking that there is something about two paddlers paddling together that might make an upset easier. Might this be so in a kayak?

In that case:
–and this is just my opinion:

Yes’ but it would be no different than a tandem canoe.

If one paddler is inexperienced and starts to lose balance, and has never used a brace, they would take you over easier than a solo experienced paddler.

Your project sounds like a good one, especially where you are designing it yourself.