Does anyone make a three person (three cockpits) kayak?

I would like to either buy or build one.

Great mysterious subject line.
There are some sit-on-top triples.

You can make a Pygmy or CLC triple, but they’re not intended for three paddling simultaneosly. You either paddle tandem from the front and rear cockpits, or you paddle solo from the center cockpit.

Eddyline San Juan
It’s a discontinued model, but a 3 holer. Maybe you can find used boats.

North West kayaks makes a triple.

It it a nice looking kayak but a little pricey at $4400. Appears to be decent quality.

Resonably priced
$4400 for any glass boat that big is pretty reasonable. That’s only $700 more than what a new Valley solo will run you. The Northwest Kayak Seascape 3 gets the job done, but doesn’t have a lot of flair. If your third passenger is youth, then my favorite boat is the Passat G3 from Seaward. They offer a slip-in glass seat that fits into the center hatch resting on the combing. This boat is sleek and sexy.

Yes, I see what you mean. I was hoping to be able to paddle it myself sitting in the center sometimes. And yes the center would generally be for one of my kids but they are getting older and bigger.

You’re asking too much…
You’re asking too much for a kayak to function as both a triple and a single. The Passat G3 and the Seascape 3 are too much boat to be paddled solo. Seda’s Amigo was probably the best attempt at a solo/double combo, but it didn’t prove popular enough to keep in their line. Your best solution is probably to buy a boat for yourself and rent when you need more.

I paddle a 17 ft aluminum canoe by myself with little problem unless it’s windy. I don’t know why not a 22 ft kayak?

The Pygmy Triple Osprey . . .
Last year, before I decided to go with two solos, I did a lot of research on the Triple Osprey. Contrary to what is said in an earlier post, the Osprey Triple is designed to carry three people with gear for an expedition. The Pygmy Boats site has pictures of the Triple carrying three people. I understand it’s quite common for people to put their heavier expedition gear in the middle cockpit, under a cockpit cover (kind of like a “super-hatch”). Before you make your decision, understand this is a fine boat for its class, but it will be limited in maneuvering unless you add a rudder - which is controlled from the rear cockpit (though a kit for middle-cockpit control can be added). This boat is 20 feet long and I understand it is popular with paddling families (group boat) and expeditions.

As many of the really experienced paddlers on pnet caution us, it’s best to paddle a boat first, if possible, before buying. Paddling any good-sized tandem will give you more of a feel than just guessing what it will be like. We like our twin O.T. Loon, but in the end, went with solos by Pygmy.

Wooden Triple Kayak
Here’s a link to video of a wooden triple with 3 people paddling. I know he told me it was built from a kit, not sure if it was CLC or Pygmy though… He also uses it as a single.



based on scale
The triple in the video is 18’ tops. The Seascape 3 is 23’ plus it weighs in at 100lbs. While you can solo a tandem canoe, you’d be hard pressed to move a tandem, or triple kayak that large by yourself. The only source of these boats that I know of is outfitters. The one’s I’ve seen, keep going and going as they are only called into service occasionally. If you find one being off-loaded at a super price, then it might be worth it, but for the money involved, by three plastic solos. Heck, you could even buy a fourth when your son gets bigger and still come out ahead.

I own two seascape 3’s
You can paddle it by yourself but it most certainly is a boat. If it is not loaded the front will be out of the water. If you don’t mind poorer performance with one person… you will be fine.

If your paddling with three on overnight trips pack light and plan to have some stuff on the deck.

Also, it sounds like your into rudderless… (as you want to paddle from the middle) this boat NEEDS a rudder… and it is Mandatory for one person in the boat.