Kajak Sport Hatch Covers / Valley boat??

Can anyone tell me if the Kajak Sport hatch covers will work with a Valley boat?

I don’t care for the Valley covers (stiff and hard to get on and off) and would prefer to replace them with some Kajak Sport covers if they are compatible with my rims.

thanks for your help



have to bite the bullet and buy new one$ or change the rim$ and cover$. as in $$$. and labor.


But many feel the Valley are better. Keep them 303’d and they will be easier to get on and off.

Would you put a Midas muffler on a Mercedes? :slight_smile:

Why not?
My old Sirius had a Valley and Kajak Sport work equally well on the day hatch. Does this only apply to the ovals?

Just curious.


Use 303
and your oval Valley hatches will orient themselves as you press them into place. I like them better than Kajak Sport for this reason.

New material?
Check with Valley. Peter Orton told me last year that they were experimenting with different materials for the hatch covers. I’m not fond of the current material, either, as it’s not especially durable and it gets way too stiff in cold weather.

depending on conditions
look at the Reed Chillcheater covers,very light, very flexible, good seal (though nothing like a Valley).

Valley hatch tool
I was out paddling this week with a group and one of the guys had a new Noardkapp.I saw him using a nylon tool to easily push and seal the hatches and remove them. He told me he had gotten the tool from Pampered Chef. I did a search and it is called the “easy opener” tool www.pamperedchef.com. I ordered one which cost only $3.75 and will carry it in my kayak. As you get older you get wiser!!!

They will loosten up
But for now, lubricate the inside rim with some Armorall or any of the Auto Silicone lubricants.

They are not rubber but a rubber-like plastic compound and float unlike Kajak’s which don’t.

I have both on several boats and like the Valleys far better. But you’re right, brand new ones are a little stiff. Also the heat of summer softens them up a bit too.

another hint
is to radius the lower edge of the hatch cover. This will not affect seal but allows lower edge to seat better. I have used coarse sandpaper on a hand block. Have also found the ovals to fit better in one direction. A tether will keep them polarized. Plus regular 303.

Yeah, but…
…where’s the fun in that? What point is there to life if you can’t bitch about Valley hatch covers being hard to remove? :wink:

Day Hatches…
Until recently I never understood why people love their day hatches so much…

They are so much easier to use than the ovals… :slight_smile:

what do you mean by:
Radius it???


make square edge round
Most VCP hatch cover’s square edge require compression to seat fully down into the space between hatch rim and deck. Rounding off that corner to a radius about the curvature of a pencil lets it seat more easily without compromising seal integrity. You may also find that some sections require more or less material be removed based upon observed fit. Keeping ovals tethered ensures it fits on the same direction each time in case something is not symetrical. 303 always helps too.

Used Valley hatches
and Kajak Sport for years. Never ever have i used 303 either. Never have I had a problem with either in any way. What on earth is the issue!? I live in the PNW and paddle in cold conditions here as well as Alaska, BC, etc. I store my boats upside down, and perhaps that helps, but gosh I wonder sometimes what’s going on here with folks. I’m brutal on my gear as well…Oh well.

Having said that I’d like to see a lighter version of the Valley. None of them are very sophisticated, so it’s suprising that imitators hatches don’t seem to work as well. If you have Valleys, be grateful I say and go paddling.