Kajak Sport Oval Hatch Cover on Valley kayak?

Anyone ever use this on a Valley plastic sea kayak a Avocet to be specific KJS-303410 Kajak Sport Oval Hatch Cover 41x22cm (VCP oval) I lost my rear hatch today on the highway . Wondering is this brand hatch would seal as well as the OEM Valley rubber hatch. My boat is water tight now. I roll A LOT so needs to be water proof.

Which version of the plastic Avocet, do you have? I had a couple of the older single layer Avocets. Sea-lect hatches leaked for me, on the single layer Avocet. I never owned the newer Avocet. I have owned a Nordkapp RM and a Aquanaut RM, in triple layered plastic. With those, the Sea-Lects and Kajak Sport hatches worked great. I could roll, surf or rescue practice with out any issues.

Mine is a 2009 three layer version so I would assume it would work well with mine then. Still mulling it over if I should get the OEM or Kajak one. Thanks for the reply.

I’m not sure if the Avocet RM uses the same hatches as a fiberglass Avocet? On my fiberglass Valley’s I use the Sealect hatches. The work great, hold up amazingly and save several pounds - which is great on a small boat like a fiberglass Avocet. There are two models of Sealect available. The recreational and sport. The recreational might be ounces heavier but very soft and easy to put on / off. The sports have a hard center and are domed on the top allowing you to fit in a little more gear. They may be slightly more durable. I personally would pick the sports for main hatches and recreational for a day hatch. You can get them both from Duckworks.com

If you can find a Sealect hatch cover that fits, many people have found them to be far superior as far as lasting a long time compared to the original VCP hatches and work just as well.