Kajaksport hatches and Sikaflex

I need to install a couple of Kajaksport hatch rims and can buy the Sikaflex sealant but the store doesn’t carry the primer. Does anyone know whether it’s essential to use the primer on the ABS rims?



Must use the primer
You should always prepare the surfaces as per the manufactures (of the adhesive) instructions. My experience with Silka and other PU adhesives is that on ABS if well abraded you will get what appears to be a reasonable bond without the primer but over time this will fail. If the primer for Silka is unavailable consider another adhesive, A plexus type methacrylate is the obvious choice if bonding ABS (the material used for kayak sport rims) to glassfibre as this is far less depended on surface preparation and generally gives a stronger bond than the PU family of adhesives.

Consider 3M 5200
I’ve used that for bonding hatch rims and it doesn’t require a primer. I just cleaned both surfaces with lacquer thinner and bonded them in place.