Kajaksport Hatches: Snap On vs. Rubber?


Can anyone comment on the Kajaksport Snap-on covers versus the traditional rubber ones?

I have an older Foster Legend that has some older snap on covers. I am getting a little water in the hatches and am going to try new hatch covers (the old ones no longer snap on tightly and I suspect that may be the source of the leak).

I am debating over whether to get the traditional rubber covers or the snap on ones as a replacement.

At first I was sold on the snap on ones, but I just read a blog site that said that they leaked in warmer weather.

My priority is dry hatches.




Sally’s Hurricane Tracer has Kajaksports, and we got the Tracer used before I got my A-Naut, and they’re still in good condition long after my Valley hatches all rotted away. I think you’ll get more than the 5-6 years life I got out of mine if they’re close to the same materials and construction. OTOH, you may want to replace them now, with either Kajaksports, or with the SeaLects I used to replace all three of those on the A-Naut with.

I really like the Sea-Lects, they’re less costly than the Valleys, and may be about the same or less than the Kajaksports, if they size right.

Good luck with your Legend -it’s a very nice boat (see my separate note) -and, after hatch cover replacement, may you have many miles of good times as you, “legedarily”,


-Frank in Miami

fan of kajaksport
They are the factory supplied cover for my Pyranha Fusion. They started out a little tight but after a few months of seating in and a little 303 sprayed on them they are dry and easy to operate.

I have both
Neither leak any water for me.

Actually , I think your question is backward. Kayak sports are rubber and Valley are a plastic (rubber-like) compound and that’s why they float.

Somehow I think I have confused folks here. What I am referring to is the two different versions of hatch covers that Kajaksport makes. They make a traditional rubber hatch and a “snap on” hatch that has a plastic center and rubber edges. These are also referred to as their “lightweight” hatch covers.

I am not debating over Valley vs. KS hatch covers, but rather which version of KS hatch to get.

I have heard that the snap on ones have a tendency to leak, but they are more convenient


I have a brand new …
boat. It has three original rubber hatches and one click on. The click on is the round one for the day hatch. The ovals are rubber. No leaking, but there is probably a reason the manufacturer used the click on only for the round day hatch.

if dry is priority
if dry hatches is a priority (over lighter and able to float hatch covers) then KajaSport RUBBER ones are my choice.

A brand new kayak that was supplied to me with “snap on” (dual density) Kajak Sport hatch covers did not keep the hatches dry when the temperatures where in the 70F’ and above. The hatch covers would expand and become loose enough to let a great deal of water in.

Kajak Sport supplied me with replacement rubber hatch overs (all 4)) and the kayak has been bone dry since.

And they are easier to put on/off

Like both
I had the soft rubber ones on my Cappella and eventually replaced them with the snap on type. I had no problems with either, but I prefer the stiffer snap on type. I live in Sacramento, CA and we have extremely hot summers. No problems with leakage.

KS rubber hatch covers
Kajaksport rubber hatch covers are a PITA to put on and take off, but in my experience they do not leak. Ever. I have been using them for years.

I have been having the same question for my tiderace xcite.

the rubber ones that don’t float do seal better.

I finally got the leak issue fixed on my boat (had a leak in the bulkhead and another in the skeg cable line.

Now that the leak is fixed I can say that the snap on covers I have on the front and day hatches are watertight, but then again I can’t comment on their performance in anything above about 70 degrees at this point. It makes sense that they could potentially have issues in more extreme temperatures.

I also have noticed that KS introduced a new hatch cover that is a modified snap on cover. From their description in their catalog they refer to it as having the convenience of the snap on covers, but still ensuring water tightness (or something to that effect). That does imply that the snap on covers may have some slight issues with water tightness.

Those new covers probably are the best of both worlds, but I am not sure where to find them sized for my Legend.


Is this like the sealect cover?

KayakSport hatch covers
The original all "rubber " hatch covers are not hard to install if kept slick with frequent application of 303. Tether them for retention, as they don’t float.