Kaku Wahoo

Anybody mounted a trolling motor on one of these bad boys? Is it worth it?

Why don’t you just get a proper canoe or fishing boat if you want to fish with a motor?

These aren’t really kayaks, just short wide fishing platforms. I would hardly call them “bad boys.” They are ridiculously heavy for their size. You would need a Yakima or Thule roof rack to haul two 66 lb kayaks so don’t plan on going cheap if you intend to buy these slugs. Have you tried solo loading a short 66 pound kayak yet? Go to your dealer and try it – it may discourage you off the bat.

Furthermore that “lawn chair” seat is a joke – you couldn’t possibly paddle efficiently from it and I’m willing to bet the model is a pig in the water, won’t track worth a damn. If you are intent on buying them you should consider investing in a trailer.

Honestly, there are better, cheaper and lighter boats for fishing.

The negativity in your post is astounding. But thank you for your opinion.

She is a realist trying to keep you from wasting your money.
I’ll add that the price is way too high for what you get.
Get a lighter boat and forget the trolling motor.

We had a Wilderness Systems Pamlico 160T with a trolling motor. It was kind of fun, but lugging that heavy boat and the very heavy deep cycle battery was not. We could paddle as fast or faster than the motor could push it and we need the exercise anyway! Just my .02…
We did end up selling the thing for a bit more than we paid, so all’s well that ends well.

For what it’s worth, the Pamlico was set up for the trolling motor to be steered like a rudder using the foot pegs. If you were adding a trolling motor to a boat without a rudder, I’m not sure how you’d steer it.

Willowleaf speaks from experience. It is unclear whether you do. Canoes set up to handle trolling motors for fishing have been around for many years. They are usually lighter to haul around than what you are talking about and will cartop more easily. It is unclear why you would want to do something for which a good solution has been worked out in such an awkward manner.

Neat graphic on their hat.
Be patient; wait for one to show up on Craiglist.
Shouldn’t be too long a wait.