Kalamazoo Kayak Pool Lessons

ur 2015 – 2016 Calendar is beginning to take shape. Our first announcement is the 2015 – 2016 Pool Sessions. We went to the Gulag of Plainwell last year to do pool lessons and we decided to come back to civilization in Kalamazoo, we are at Gabel Natatorium.

Where: Gabel Natatorium Pool, Under Lawson Ice Arena, WMU Campus. Gabel Natatorium Directions Map

When: Sundays 7-9 PM (dates as follows)

Dec 20, 2015

Jan 10, 2016

Jan 17, 2016

Jan 24, 2016

Jan 31, 2016

Feb 7, 2016

Feb 14, 2016

Feb 21, 2016

Mar 6, 2016

Mar 20, 2016

Cost: $55.00 for a Lesson

Sign Up For Lessons on our Course Registration Page


I worded these below in the phrase of “I must”, because there always seems to be a great deal of confusion about the pool session costs and boat rental.

I just want to use the pool: $10.00 (you can bring cash, or credit card, or check made out to Keith Wikle).

I want to use the pool and get a lesson: $55.00

I want to rent a kayak from Lee’s (which I must pick up, pay for, and transport prior to the session) and use the pool: $20.00

I want to rent a kayak from Lee’s (which I must pick up, pay for, and transport prior to the session) and get a lesson: $65.00

Lee’s information is here if you need to contact them, or find them.

What do I need to bring?

A spotlessly clean kayak. The lifeguards have expressed contempt and disdain for us in the past based on dead leaves, nuts and berries, and dead squirrels into the pool. So spray down your kayak inside and out BEFORE bringing it to the pool.

If you are doing a lesson you NEED a sea kayak or a white water kayak, NO rec boats.

Lifejacket. I know it seems silly while in the pool, with a lifeguard, BUT if I have to perform a hand of god on you, do you want me grabbing your face to get you upright in an emergency. Didn’t think so…

Swimsuit (required), towel and goggles (not required but recommended)

Sprayskirt I know it seems silly to have to mention it, but yes you do need a spray skirt to do rolling.