Kargo Master problems

I’ve had the Kargo Master congo cage roof rack on my JK since about April and unfortunately it has not worked out well. It looked great and sturdy when first installed. But in this short amount of time it is already rusting in many spots including the yakima crossbar attachments. It rattles with every bump on the road. I also found that when it was tilted and supported in that position to lower the soft top, there wasn’t enough clearance… and the supports were flimsy for one person to use them. I’m having it removed next weekend. Too bad. Anyone have a better rack to suggest? Ideally I’d like one like the Olympic Quick Rack that is just 2 crossbars that attach to the rollbars when the top is down.

I still use my Kargo rack. I fixed the rattle by using electrical tape to fill the joints at the vertical junctions. Rust has not been a factor and putting the top down can be a pain, but the clearance is fine. The problem with the Olympic Quick Rack is the top has to be down. Sucks if it’s raining. The problem with any soft top rack is that it will have to attach to the Jeep body somehow and needs to be hinged to allow the top to come down. Multiple joints will end up rattling on every bump.

I often use a small utility trailer and strap my boat(s) onto that. I find it is a great way to go. No overhead lifting to put the boat way up on top of the Jeep. Extra cargo space for all my “junk”. The down side is they are more expensive than racks and you need to install a trailer hitch.

surprised yours had enough clearance
because my roof hit the rack. I’ll try it again. Maybe there was something I missed. Thank you. It could be how the dealer installed it that’s resulting in the rust at the joints if yours isn’t rusting … or maybe just that I’m on the coast. I’ll give this rack another try and some touch up paint before giving up on it. Thanks again.