Kargo Master Rack W/Thule Bars

I plan to buy a Kargo Master Congo Cage style roof rack for my 2007 Jeep Wrangler. They only have adapters for Yakima but I prefer Thule. Has anyone set up a Kargo Master Congo Rack w/Thule? If so, what adapters did you use? Thank You!!

Congo Cage
I have a Congo Cage on my Wrangler, but it is set up with Kargo Masters Yakima bar adapters. You can use Thule or Yakima towers for factory racks on this type of rack. However, the Kargo Master Yakima adapters are way cheaper and you don’t need any pesky core locks with them. I got the adapters and bars for 1/3 the cost of just towers alone.

on order
I have a wrangler on order. The rack has arrived. I hope to use my thule stuff to do the rest. stay tuned.

Congo Rack
How do you like the Congo rack??? I was thinking about one for my Wrangler( actually my wife’s Wrangler). Any recommendtaions???

have a kargo master
rack on my 2006 LJ and so far it’s been pretty good.

the instruction say that you don’t have to drill into your vehicle BUT that’s nonsense…you’re going to need to drill into the tub to get stability otherwise when you tilt it back you’re going to see an uncomfortable and disconcerting amount of flex where the mounting plate goes on the back behind lights.

i think the release mechanism on the front is a little cumbersome…it’s just a big bolt and some lockwashers. it’s solid but i can’t help but wonder if that could be engineered with a lynch pin of some kind.

the yakima’s were less expensive but you can rig either yak or thule.

it’s a bit rusty now (year and a half - no maintenance) and needs to come off for some sanding and a re-paint but so far it’s pretty good…

oh, and it’ll support 500 pounds! so that’s pretty rugged.

Kargo Master Rack W/Thule Bars
Thank you everyone for your advice. I missed a lot of kayaking last season because I couldn’t find a reasonably priced good rack to fit my 2007 Wrangler. Yakima sounds like the way to go.

Congo Rack
I like it alot. Very easy to put on. It is extremely solid. When you grab a bar and give it a shake the whole Jeep moves. You will need to drill into the tub to secure the rear hinge mounts, but that is also quite easy. It’s well designed. I solved the front rack release by using a carriage bolt with a wing nut for easily flipping the cage back to open the soft top. Get one you won’t be disappointed.