KAS still in business?

Can anyone tell me if KAS Transport is still in business? I just found out that two kayaks that were supposed to be picked up the beginning of January to get fixed still haven’t been picked up. I am getting no response from e-mails or phone calls. I am oveseas and the last conversation I had with them they said not to worry. Guess I should have.

Thanks for any rsponse.

KAS Transport
Seems to be doing fine - they’ve dropped off a two kayaks for repair and picked up a couple deliveries within last three weeks.

I talked to them about a month ago via email and through the phone about delivering a kayak. They were still in business. It probably just takes them awhile to get to your area. Did you try calling them??

I ended up using freightquote which costs me $126 for a sea kayak, rather than about $300 with KAS.

good question
I emailed 2 weeks ago and got no response–wonder if he’s on the road?

…on the road. Steve seems to just about live out of his truck! I had the same thing when I was waiting for my Outer Island to be delivered by Steve. Its just tough to be patient when you are waiting for a $3K boat and the phone message machine is full (not accepting new msgs) and you don’t hear anything back. But then, he does show up though sometimes not quite when you thought he would.

I will use him again…


Here is a phone #
Just in case you don’t already have it.


Steve was at my house this week

I have used Steve several times and with Carbon boats you cant beat his service<br /> You dont have to worry about it being damaged

it might take a little longer and cost a little

more but you boat will get there in perfect condition

Steves cell
phone number was 585-313-9467 as of 5/06. That’s the last time we used his service. I agree with the above, Steve’s service is without question the best. Worth the wait, especially if safe handling is a concern.