KAS Transport

Great service by Steve Skinner of KAS Transport . Had my Kaskazi yak shipped from Fla to Ma in perfect condition. If you need to ship a yak use KAS.


Always a relief when a boat comes
through shipping unscathed.

I ordered a Millbrook canoe, and Kaz of Millbrook used Roadway. The very light (32#) transluscent boat was packed only in a double layer of bubble wrap, and it was undamaged. Kaz sez he has very good success with shipping boats that way, once he has picked out the trucking firms he can trust.

My experience with KAS transport is just the opposite. I have heard that Steve does a good job but his wife who makes the arrangements and quotes is a nutcase. After sending photos and weights I got a quote that seemed reasonable. The day before pickup she tried to increase the rates and would not cover damage costs if they occurred. She didn’t keep track of the entire line of emails and so basically was starting all over again.

Recommendation: Stay away from KAS transport!

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I had two wooden kayaks transported from Washington State to Evansville, Indiana by KAS a few years back. My experience was pretty good but not perfect.

Fortunately, Steve contacted me by phone when he was somewhere in Kansas because the delivery address he had been given was Evanston, Illinois in the Chicagoland area rather than Evansville, Indiana. He was able to reroute without any real loss of time.

Secondly, there was some minor damage to the finish of one of my boats that had resulted from the unpadded buckle of a cam strap. This was not of great significance but could have been completely avoided by repositioning the buckle or placing some padding between it and the boat.

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