Kaskazi Skua

Does anyone have any experience with the Kaskazi Skua AR…I am considering buying one.

Skua ARX
I own two Skua ARX, one a stock fiberglass ARX built 5 years ago and another with a custom carbon fiberglass layup and bonded spray deck

Are you considering buying a new ARX from Kaskazi or a used Skua ARX ?

The earlier Franken built Skua ARs had an inferior internal drain system

skua concern
This is my concern…it is a used boat (maybe 2008) and I have read that they moved the seat back and lowered the center of gravity in newer models…I was unaware that there was a drainage problem.

Skua ARX
The internal drains were on much older Kaskazis than 2008

The newer Kaskazis ( such as 2008) have straight thru ventures like surf skis

The 2008 skua ct is more forward and has a snug cockpit like a surfski ( in fact two of the surfskis I have owned are looser)

I all my gear in the rear hatch or mount a filled MSR 10 liter water bag behind the cockpit

My new Skua ARX has mor rearward cockpit, a loner cockpit for those with long legs and a wider seat area which I had to pad out to get a snugger fit for control in chop

I like both Skuas but if you are stout you may prefer the more recent design

Have you paddled the Skua?

The hull is somewhat round cross section and if you are used to wider more stable kayaks you may not be happy

I think they are great kayaks especially in the ocean

I am 6’0 and weigh 180…have been considering a “stable” surfski, but the Skua might fit the bill. I will have to drive 100 miles for the test paddle and possible purchase…just have to decide if it would be worth it. (I curretly own a Cuurent Designs 14 ft Kestrel SOT and I love it, but would like a little more glide for longer paddles) I am also looking for a boat I can play with in the ocean.