Katadyn (former PUR) Desalinator


is there anybody have been made experiences with the katadyn survivor 35 on kayak-trips?

Any information would be great, espec. about maintainance and reliability?

Thanks in advance


35, 06
for the 35:

  • maintenance - they recomend yearly ‘flushing’ if not used

    on my 1st (of 3) trips up the Austrlia coast, I carried a 35.

    I had a bracket for it on the rear deck, and would use it by putting across my lap and pumping. I could use it in fairly rough seas, but, overall, it was a bit awkward to use.

    It stood up to quite a beating. Even though it was in a nylon bag (attached to the bracket), it went through quite a few rough (surfy) landings (sand, rolls, etc).

    On the 2nd 2 trips I took up the coast, I brought along a pur-06. The size was great and pumping was very easy, but the volume is quite small. (I really brought it along - just for emergency - not intended to be used out of necessity)