Kauai paddling

My wife is taking me to Kauai on a ten day vacation next month for my 60th birthday. Any recommendations for paddling opportunities? Would we be limited to paddling SOTs?


Napali Coast
There is a company called Kayak Kauai that can set you up for two different river paddles or the Napali coast paddle. If you are up to it (it’s long, and can be strenuous) I highly recommend it. Probably one of the most beautiful places on Earth. They take beginner paddlers so they will not go out in high surf days. I’m not sure how late in the year this runs, but only into the fall as the north shore surf is too dangerous during the winter. They also do a tour near Poipu in the winter but not as cool. Yes you most likely will only find SOT rental on Kauai. The coast can be very challenging and you won’t likely find anyplace that will rent you a kayak in a challenging location.