Traveling to Kauai Feb. 9-20, any kayak/canoe advice or trip info would be appreciated.

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As it is winter in Hawaii now and although the temps will still be temperate, the winter season is rougher on the coasts. I know that the guides don’t run kayak tours on the na pali coast in winter so depending on your skills/gear, paddling on the lee side if at all might be prudent. I don’t have any personal (kayaking) experience there but I’ve backpacked the Na Pali coast in mid March and there were definitely nice breakers going on below.


mostly river kayaking

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{Edit - I just re-read my subject, and it could be confusing. I meant flat water, protected river stuff - not white water}

I was there in December. Most of the kayaking is SOTs on the rivers.

Some places let you take away a kayak (I rented from one that has an office at the Coconut Mall in Kapaa). We took it down to Wailua River and went to the not-so-secret "Secret Waterfall" to go for a swim under he waterfall. It may not be a secret, but it was definitely fun. We also paddled up the other tributaries to extend our trip, and even looked out past the breakers at the ocean.

There also are tours that go there, but you will find them very mellow (only 4-5 mile of protected water for a day trip) if you are an avid kayaker (we did about 8 miles with our extra paddling on the tributaries).

There is one company that does do some tours, but I don't remember the name. I think they are located up Hanalei. In the summer, they do have tours of the Napali Coast. In December, they did have some day tour down on the south shore area.

There is a picture or two from the kayaking and of the waterfall on my Blog at

Jay, Thank you for your advice on Kauai, I will post our trip on this site.

na pali coast
is a drop dead gorgeous paddle, but definitely not in Feb. Waterfalls, cliffs, spinner dolphin, turtles and flat watter in the summer, but the winter surf is pretty tough and breaks right on the beach in some coves.

Feb is a great time for a hike there, though, if you are up for that. Call ahead for a permit.