Kawishiwi river

Anyone know what kind of current I will be dealing with when I solo trip from #37 Kawishiwi lake, into the Kawishiwi River traveling to Alice and Insula lakes? I am just curious. I do not think it is anything too fast … I hope others can confirm.



not much current
from malberg on down to alice and insula the current is with you, but it is a very gentle current without much drop in elevation along the route. it is a really pretty trip along the river! paddling upstream is no problem either. have a great trip.


shawnh! I figured as much. I have 10 to 14 days to explore and hunt walleyes. I am excited to go and get away from everything for a while. May even get to Thomas and Ima … we will see.


Most of the Current…
…is from small rapids between the “Lakes” on the river. WW

entry #37
when are you entering, i,m going in that entry may 23, been there before, current is slow


Nice Trip
I’ve done that one the other way. No real current to speak of. The campsite on Alice just after the portage on your righthand is very nice. Don’t miss the pictographs. I believe the rapids at Alice are runable, but I can’t remember. I portaged.

I am entering
on June 17th. Much latter than I would desire, but being an Dad and a husband means I have few windows of opportunity.


Have Fun
Pretty area. Insula is very pretty and Thomas as well. We saw an eagles’ nest up that way. Heard wolves when camped on Thomas.

Have a great time!

Hey Brammy
on the 189 rod portage between kawasachong lake & townline lake watch your food pack close. the bear there likes them he got mine on that portage in the middle of the portage. just thought i would let you know


Thanks for the info!!! I have always wondered about this, being the weak link in the preperation chain. I never see anyone hide packs on a portage … then walk away only to return a while latter. I guess it is only natural for an animal to figure out this is the easiest way to grab a pack.

Thanks for the warning. I will start to think about how to defeat this.


When was that?

when did that happen to you? A few years ago (3 or 4) that was a problem spot with a bear doing exactly what you described. However, that bear was shot (during hunting season) and to my knowledge that that area hasn’t had problem since.

I did the trip last June and not a problem. I don’t think it has been an issue for a couple years.

last week on friday may 23 this happen. last year the ranger station said lake polly was having bear problems and even had one get into a bear vault food container. and one stole a pack on hazel lake also. all these spots are with in a five mile radius of each other. the bear on hazel wouldn’t give up pack,the people found it the next day. the one that got my pack only gave up the pack after he got something out of it.he charged me twice to keep me away until he was able to get something out. i threw sticks at him and yelled at him also.these areas are excellent for bears

have fun and be safe


I wonder what it is about that area
Just when I thought the problem was taken care of! I wonder how they learn that behavior? It seems to be confined to that area, at least I don’t hear of another area that consistantly has problems like that. What is especially disheartening is its agression.

Too bad. That is a dead bear. I hope he’s taken during hunting season and doesn’t have to be put down by others.

bear area
i’ve been through this area a couple of times and i think the terrain has something to do with it and they like the the more populated areas like lake polly, more campers more food.if you are in this area look close at area and the terrain you see excellent things bears like or need, food, rocky areas for dens,berrys, dead trees tore up, forest not to thick easyier for travel. jmo


Hey Vinnie,
Well, do you feel this problem is in a specific area, or the entire region. I guess, likely a problem bear or a group of socialized bears?

I ahve read Lake Poly and Malberg areas are very popular with fisherman and is a travel route for many passing through. Sounds like folks have unwitingly educated the animals.

What is your opinion?


i think bears are creatures of habit. if some thing works once it may work again. they learn to do these things then teach their young. jmo. i don,t think they are out to hurt anyone. if a black bear hurts someone they are either sick & starving, or the person brought it on by provoking them. i don’t think just anyone should try to take back their food pack from a bear, unless they know about how to go about getting it done with out gettin hurt. me i do crazy stuff any ways.


polly is not the only area they like. they are known to roam around alot of areas in the bwca and some areas outside the bwca.areas that are more people populated seem to get more bears, like lakes with alot of camp sites, and landfills.


I do 3 BWCA trips a year. Many trips have been in the Sawbill area, and a few through Kawishiwi Lake. I have never seen a bear in the BWCA. However, I’ve seen many on the fringe by cabins or at NFS campgrounds. A friend had a problem bear that kept breaking into a shed to drink motor oil of all things.

Last year
I had a bear issue on Agnes. It was dusk, I had gotten my food bag down form a tree to grab a snack before bed. I heard my canoe roll over, I looked and a large bear was in it, licking the floor, presumably tasting fish slime from earlier in the day. The bear walked right up to me, 15 yards away. I was still holding my food pack. We stared at each other for what seemed like a really long time … then the bear went away. It did not return during the night, but I did keep my fire going a little longer that evening.

I really have no issue with the bears, I just do not wish to lose my food as I will be several days from my truck and am going solo. I hate to paddle hungry!


have a fun time and let us know how your trip went.