Kayacking in smokie mountains

I am looking for a great place to kayack in the smokie mountains. Looking for slow river with class 2 rapids or less. Also need to know if there is a local outfitter that can drop us off since we only have one vehicle.


The French Broad just upstream of
Asheville would qualify. Class 1 rapids, slowish, mostly forested. There is an outfitter that will take you and your boat to the put-in. Google “French Broad Asheville canoeing” and you should find the outfitter.

There are options on some what more difficult rivers such as the Little Tennessee, the Tuckaseigee, and parts of the Pigeon, but outfitter and shuttle options may not be as easy.

You can also consider lake paddling on reservoirs, especially Calderwood, and perhaps Santeetlah.

The Nantahala River
is another option. You can Google it for more info, outfitters, etc.

He asked for a slow river with class 2
rapids or less. Nantahala doesn’t fit that description.