Kayak achor.

What’s the general consensus on anchors for kayaks?.

I never knew such a thing existed and it seems useful.

There’s been some times I wish I could stay in one place briefly.

Free divers in Hawaii
use them all the time to anchor their SOT’s while diving. They use a small folding anchor that only weighs 1-2 lbs.

Why not ?
Look in West Marine if there is one near you.

They have some mini ones that would be perfect.



sea anchor
If the problem is wind drift, a small sea anchor can help in any water depth.

an outrigger weight
makes a pretty good anchor for waters that are not too crazy.

I have a small folding anchor that came with line, a clip and a pouch that makes for a neat package. I was sold as a jet ski anchor at a marine store.

So how deep can you deploy the anchor? How do you store the lines without them getting in the way?

I may have 25 or 30’ of line (without digging it out)… Everything fits into the padded pouch which keeps it from clunking around in the boat. If I think I will use it I just toss the bag in the cockpit.

It really depends on the conditions
for our local waters, a 2 lb neoprene dumbbell and 40’ of poly rope are effective and very cheap (