kayak advice needed

We have fallen in love with the Emotion AdvantEdge 12’. It is durable and the best part is it has no moving parts. It’s our best rental for a single sit-inside, by far! Trouble is, they don’t make them anymore, cant find them anywhere to buy. Does anybody know where I can find six or so, used or new OR does anybody know of a similar kayak design, that is to say with a molded-into-the-body, one-piece seat?

possible source
Don’t know if it is still a viable site but uncleduckyoutdoors.com in Munising , Michigan, shows used Advantedges for $399.

available near Pittsburgh

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Somebody just posted an ad in the Pittsburgh area Craigslist selling an unspecified number of Advant-Edges (apparently used in a rental livery.) Location is Ellwood City, north towards the Ohio line. I realize that is a ways from you, but if they are an outfitter too perhaps shipping could be arranged.


love is more than visual

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Adjust your expectations to avoid heartbreak.


The OP appears to want these for cost effective and low maintenance rentals. Being “in love” with their utilitarian aspect should not suggest loving their mundane performance capabilities.

yes. I am forgetting
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Sounds a lot like the Otter. No moving
parts and made of Polylink-3. Short and indestructible but heavy. It was a big rental hit up here in Northeast PA. There were so many of them it would seem like you could find six. Oldtown made them.