Kayak Alaska Mid Sep

I realize the last two weeks of Sep are far from prime kayaking time near Aialik, Northwestern or Resurrection Bays in the Kenai. Unfortunately, my work is taking me there then and I cannot pass up the opportunity to mix biz and fun!

Does anyone have first hand knowledge of any charters that run that late in the year? My wife and I would love to do a day or two charter.

Worst case, we could do the generic “three hour tour” from Seward but we’d like to get out a little further if the weather is at all reasonable that time of year.

Obviously, we don’t want to be foolish either!

Thanks again.


Possibly snow by then
You are right about that not being the best time for a paddle. It could possibly be already winter. I would check with:


They are mainly out of Homer, but they would have a good idea how the weather is out of Seward at that time of year.

Good luck to you,


By Labor Day

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kayak companies and water taxis are closing their doors, mariners are winterizing their boats and piles of stinky pinks (pink salmon) lay strewn about. September, the wind gets to howling and termination dust makes its appearance on the mountains. Termination dust is that first dusting of snow. Once the tourists see it, they freak out and beat feet back home. Hence the name. :)

Unfortunately, I highly doubt you'll find a touring place that's still open. Most guides have packed up and gone back to school. A.K.S. does hold on the water activities after Labor Day, but they're paddling sessions. Calling Tom from A.K.S. would be your best bet, he's the Alaskan guru of paddling and will point you in the right direction.

Don't get discouraged, though. There are plenty of awesome things to do and see after paddling season has departed. It's Alaska and wildlife are everywhere!!!

Dkr_xo: Check out my profile pic. I was sittin' at the north end of Culross Passage.

Beautiful Picture
I’ve been there !!! I love PWS…

I’ve started my planning for my first big trip May 26, getting excited already. :slight_smile: