Kayak Anchor

I was thinking of getting a retractible leash, such as dogs are wont to wear, as a quick anchor deployer in my 12 foot poke boat. Has anyone tried this? I specifically would like to know if the cable is strong enough to hold the kayak in a moderate current without snapping. It is my intent to buy one meant for larger dogs, but still . . . .

Its strong enough, but most of them
have a small diameter cord. Small diameter cords cut into your hands when things get hung on the bottom. Unless the spring coil in the device is stainless, it may not last long in a wet environment.

Great idea
I wish there were a device out there just for that purpose that would work the way the retractable dog leash does. I use either 5/16 or 3/8 nylon rope for my anchor. It is so soft and flexible, it will tangle easily.

Throw bag
Put the rope in a throw bag or use a throw bag for your anchor line. Attach a float to the loop on the bag.

new type of anchor
I know you are asking about an anchor for deep water but yesterday at a big fly fishing show I saw the answer to my river anchoring nightmares. We are just getting into kayak fishing and now fly fishing. On a number of Michigan rivers I see a nice spot I want to cast into but by the time I get pulled over or try and drop/drag an anchor, I’m so far past the spot I wanted to cast to it’s not funny. The man who owns Golden Drake Outfitters and guides on the Huron invented a thing he calls the Stinger that telescopes off the back and he said will stop a kayak dead in five feet of water or less! It was very cool and he said he’d be in production in the next several months and took my name and address. Also said he’d have info up on his website soon so when he does I’ll report back.

Stinger anchor info
http://www.goldendrake.com/ is the web address and the Stinger is on there but not in much detail. I’m looking forward to trying one on my new Native Tegris Ultimate when if finally comes in. Was supposed to be in last week:( Found out the Stinger shop is only an hour from us so once we get the boat we’ll head over and see about trying it out like the website said.

Just use a stake out stick
A cheap two piece pool cue works well. I also like a brush anchor for river fishing…also lakes where there is a place to attach too. In a faster flowing river, you can use chain on a rope to slow your drift.

Don’t anchor a kayak in moderate current
Or if you do, please make sure that we have the name of your local newspaper and the proper spelling of your name so that we can make sure they get it right in your obituary.

Anchoring a kayak in moderate current is like saying, “I’m not really sure when I want to die, but I know I want to be wet.”

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There’s a reason they call river fishing
without power float fishing.

Stinger Anchor - READY
The Stinger Silent Precision anchor you saw at the Midwest Flyfishing Show is now ready to go!

Check out full description, videos showing it’s use, etc. at www.goldendrake.com.

Many have been sold already, thanks for your patience everyone, we just had to get all the testing done.


Doesn’t show the price.
I’m afraid to ask . . . .