Kayak anchoring

Just got back from a morning outing on a slow creek. We beached a half dozen times to swim and splash around a bit. There were a few spots I would’ve liked to swim but no place to beach. With a ten foot recreational kayak what type and weight of anchor would I need? Could I lash my wife’s SUP tithe kayak or seperate anchor? Slow and still water

Everyone should have a painter. A painter is a line that you can use to tie off the boat. On a kayak you usually have it tied to the bow of the boat with a clip on the other end that you clip to a line or bungee in front of the cockpit. There are various knots that you can use to adjust the length of the painter so that the actual line will be longer than the distance between the bow and the cockpit if desired to give you more line to tie off the boat.

When in an area where there is no beach I will often tie the boat off to a tree, rock, bush, root, etc. It’s also useful if out with a group and the beach is too small to accommodate everyone’s boats.

Takes up no room and adds essentially no weight. Though not as good or safe as a dedicated tow rig, it can be used to tow the boat. They make small anchors for kayaks, but they are used mainly for fishing where you are not on shore. Heavy and bulky.

On a rec boat you can just take a length of line with clips on either end, coil it neatly and store it secured to the boat.

I have a tow rig I use for my son. I suppose I could have looped it around a limb.

FWIW my next kayak is going to be a fishing kayak… Besides the one my mom doesn’t want

Should think a painter would work in a creek. And pull the boat up as you can onto a shore.

There are small canoe anchors available that are made for your situation. It’s hard to say whether you’d need one for each boat.


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Carry a small mesh bag. Put some rocks in it. Use that for an anchor. We you are done, dump the rocks.

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Google anchor trolley. They sell kits but I built one for a rec boat a few years back. It lets you deal with the anchor next to you, then slide the anchor point to the bow or stern where you want an anchor line. The rope will still come back to beside you so if you need to unhook in an emergency the cleat is next to you. When you go to pull the anchor you can slide the anchor point back to you and pull it. Safest way to anchor a kayak.


I bought one of these made for a jetski. It came with a padded storage bag, line, float and clip. It worked well.

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Look at fishing kayak gear sources. They have anchor rigs that mount on the boat.

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