Kayak (and qajaq and canoe) fabric prints for winter projects

I was browsing the vast range of fabric prints from the Spoonflower company (for the face masks I’ve been cranking out for 7 months now for organization donations and to sell to finance those) and discovered that they have some neat new traditional qajaq-themed designs that could make interesting winter sewing projects and gifts.

I’m thinking the heavy cotton twill for gear bags and the regular cotton for pillow covers or even Hawaiian type shirts. They have dozens of canoe themes too, including selected pages from one of my favorite picture books from childhood “Paddle to the Sea”.

I’d even frame some of these prints – most of these come in a range of colors and they can also be ordered as wallpaper (the real stuff that goes on the walls, not your laptop).

Spoonflower is kind of cool (if you aren’t familiar with them) – they enable millions of independent artists to sell their designs direct to customers through the company’s custom digital printing service. Their stuff is nice quality – last photo is one of the masks I sewed from a Dr. Fauci print from them on their “petal” cotton:

Antique Kayaks Brown on White 150


Outrigger Whale Watch

Paddle to the Sea text test