Kayak Angler Hard Deck

I was at Dick’s this pm (I know, I know) and browsing through some of the paddling gear, they had a hard kayak angler deck for about $30. I think it was made by Harmony, but I can’t find anything about it online. Anyone have any experience with it?

I’ve looked at it. If it fits your
kayak, it may work. My fishing kayak is a Loon, so with that pointed opening, the Harmony rigid work deck won’t work. I’ve built similar from plywood for my other fishing sit inside. It worked fine.

Thanks for sharing that . . .
I thought about the plywood idea, but this intrigued me because of the bungee cord attachement idea. Simple to remove, no holes, etc. . . .

What did you do to secure a plywood deck to yours? Got any photos?

No photos.
I ran a 1" x 1/2" piece of solid wood under the coming and bolts with wing nuts to hold it to the kayak. Built mine a bit different because I wanted to use it for my six pack cooler and tackle box, as well as a work deck. Essentially, it was a three sided box. Others have used the plastic cutting boards from Wally World, aluminum from road signs (don’t get caught collecting road signs), Plexiglas, as well as plywood. Many cut the piece so it will slide in the grove between the top of the coming and bottom of the top deck.

If you use plywood, take a look at the cut project pieces at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Thin, but rigid is what you want. I put exterior poly on mine and it held up well. I did make a half round cut for the bow end and rounded off all sharp corners.

BTW, while the fishing board is not very big, posts usually get a response. Over here, anything fishing related dies a quick death unless one of us kayak/canoe fishermen types see it.

I meant to post it there, but forgot what board I was on. I’ll repost it there for more ideas. I know there was one awhile back, but I’m interested in photos too, and I haven’t seen anyone talk about the Harmony deck. There’s nothing on their website either.

Thanks for the info and advice.

Built one oout of plywood, too.
but I put short ‘legs’ on mine with holes in them for bungee cord that then goes around the coaming, I have a Loon also. It works fine, and I can use it with the spray skirt. It holds the fishfinder(I wish it did), and the rod holder. The cord for the transducer is run on the outside of the boat, so no holes are reguired, for either the board, or FF.

How did you mount the transducer?
What do you power it with?

Power with 8 AA’s
you can get a battery holder at RadioShack, and use a 9v type connector, also from RS. Wire that to the FF pos and neg wires, with an inline fuse. I put the battery holder into a tupperware type bottle that I got at Wally World for a buck, with an udersized hole the the FF wire if shoved through, the bottle then mounts under the deck with a strap, or bungees.

Mounting the transducer was easy, once I figured it out, but it is due for a redesign.

I used a copper(yeah right) metal 3/4 pipe hanger bent into a U shape, it is then screwed under the little skip plate in the stern.