Kayak Art on Ebay

We had an exchange on here 18 months ago about kayak art, inflatable turkeys and harpoons. I shared a pic on the thread of a print that I’d acquired showing a hunter in his kayak about to spear a walrus. Just spotted another copy of that print by the late Inuit artist, Henry Napartuk, on Ebay for a very good price if anyone else with an interest in traditional qajaqs would be interested in a copy. It’s listed for less than I spent on the one I got in 2017. The print has given me great pleasure, framed on the wall beside the corner where I stash my Greenland paddles. (The seller doesn’t mention the size, which is about 7" x 10"). These prints were a series published by the Canadian “Arctic Quebec” project that for many years helped to support and market the works of talented Native Peoples.


Very cool. Thank you for the heads-up!

I have a print thanks to Willowleaf & quite enjoy it. The price is very reasonable. Just note that you will need a custom mat. That wasn’t a problem for me as I was able to find my mat cutter & still had some mat stock in the basement.

The auction ends around 2:00 PM EST today (Friday 4/12) and has changed to “buy now” for $25 plus $5 shipping. 5 watchers but no bites yet. That’s really a good value – I think I paid over $40 for the copy I have and have seen the exact same print issue go for $75 and up – this one even has the original sleeve and statement of authenticity.