Kayak blade size

When measuring the length of a paddle blade, where does the shaft stop and the blade itself begin? Thanks!

depends on the paddle?
My guess is from the end of the blade to where the flare begins would be considered the length of the blade. there are many types of paddle construction that effect the blade/shaft style.

A more common measurement of a blade is by surface area.

blade size
For a non-Greenland paddle it’s the area where the blade is, the shaft if it’s pronounced is part of the blade.

Bill H.

where ? you ask wkere ?
down to the shop

bring a METRIC equipped tape measure

pick up a paddle at 210 cm

measure it…

does 210 cm go from top blade to top blade ?

or knot ?

paddle length
A 210 mm paddle is 210 mm from tip to tip, the whole paddle length is measured.

Blades come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, there would be no way to compare them if the length only measured the loom length.

Bill H.