kayak boat carts

Looking for a good kayak boat cart. Any recommendations?

Make your own?

PVC is great stuff! If you can find it, Schedule 80 is seriously heavy-duty stuff.

And mine:

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I use it with our kayaks also.
It is a baby jogger that I got at a thrift store for $12.
I stripped all the cloth stuff off. Then cut the front wheel off.
I installed a couple of pool noodles and cam-lock buckle straps, and secure it the same way you would use them to secure your yak to your roof top racks.
It works like a charm, and if you balance the yak or canoe on it dead center, all you need is one finger to steer it.
It also folds in half, so it fits in the vehicle nicely.


My favorite
http://secretdepot.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=10&idcategory=7 along with 2 six ft, loop end straps from NRS

If you have to cover sand
or other soft surfaces, these are good:


Not a fan of Paddleboy
Apparently I’m in the minority in not liking the Paddleboy. It is designed to collapse for easy transportation and storage. Unfortunately it also collapses when the kayak is on it, especially if the kayak has a keel or V bottom of any sort—the V will cause the kayak to tilt to one side or the other and then then whole Paddleboy contraption will list to that side. When that happens you can’t steer it straight, as when you’re trying to get it through a narrow garage door etc.

I also had to add tape to the legs of the Paddleboy because the steel legs were rubbing against directly against the hull.

This paddleboy has worked well for me
On an Arctic Tern (Greenland Hull).


I was going to build mine also, but
I got one on sale at Dicks sporting goods on a great sale, and the same day came across an identical one used for almost nothing. This was good, because I needed two.

I think they are on sale now, at Dicks (end of summer).

Saw in use
I saw this Bean cart in use - the owner was quite enthusiastic about it. If I decide to buy one, this would be the one:


LL Bean Stowaway Kayak and Canoe Cart

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I've got one of these and it works great. It certainly won't let you run over and crush other kayaks but it does the job. I would classify this cart as light duty. If your treks are on relatively smooth firm surfaces you won't be disappointed with your $59 purchase.

Me, neither. But here’s a tip:
PUSH the cart and kayak instead of pulling them. I put mine under the stern end as usual; then I pick up the bow and push it forward (the kayak appears to be going backward). It tracks much better this way, plus you can see any rocks or other obstacles that are near the wheels.

The Roll-eez cart that will fit inside a hatch looks interesting. Wish I could see/handle one to check it out.

Freya Hoffmeister’s Cart
If you are looking for a strong, lightweight, and easy to stow cart, you might want to consider Freya Hoffmeister’s cart. It is a very unique design, and folds up smaller than any other cart I have seen. It is expensive, but in my view well worth it.

The only problem is, Freya is currently paddling her way around Australia, so I do not believe it is available right now. I know it is not currently listed on her web site. If you can wait until she gets back, I would assume she will start producing them again. They are an excellent cart.

exspensive and does not stow

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I love mine, its the only thing I've seen that handles deep sand as well as it does. Worth every penny IMO if you have the need for its abilities.

edit - I am echoing angstroms post.

is the way to go if you’re going through soft sand. I have the mini and I’ve rolled and surfed with it stowed in the rear hatch and never even knew it was there.

I agree
I love my cart from LLBean. I don’t bother with it when I have my 11’ dolo, but when I take the 18’ tandem I need it.

LLBean has free shipping both ways if you get their Visa.