Kayak Books

Does anyone have any recomendations for books about kayaking adventures? Maybe one persons travels, or even a collectio of short stories. Thanks in advance.

Deep Trouble

Collection of stories that is very educational.

Great book…
“Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak” by Victoria Jason. She’s since passed away but it’s an excellent book.

Paul Caffyn - Chris Duff
I recently got a hold of several books of the adventures of Paul Caffyn - He was the first to circumnavigate NZ, Austraillia - other spots. Was the inspiration for Chris Duff doing New Zealand. The books are hard to find.

Chris Duff’s “Southern Exposure” is good, about paddling around the South Island of New Zealand.

"Never Turn Back"
by Ron Watters is about the life of pioneering whitewater kayaker Dr. Walt Blackader, an Idaho physician who allegedly made the first solo descent of “Turnback Canyon” on the Alsek River in Alaska at age 49. He was known for many other wild exploits.

Blackadar drowned in an entrapment on the South Fork of the Payette River in May 1978.

Ditto Chris Duff.
If you like Irish history, recommend “on celtic tides”.

Seekers of the Horizon
edited by Will Nordby. This is a collection of short stories of seakayaking voyages. It’s a bit dated, but has great tales. Included are Lindemann’s crossing of the Atlantic, Chris Cunningham’s recreation of the voyage of the paper canoe, and Chris Duff’s 8,000 miles around the eastern US. I got a used copy, through Amazon, I think.

A couple of years ago, Seakayaker had a list of best kayak voyage books. Anyone know what issue that was?

Cheers, Alan

"The Last River"
First descent of the Tsangpo River in Tibet. Sort of like Jon Krakauer’s “Into Thin Air”.

Another decent one is Jon Bowermaster’s “Birthplace of the Winds”.

Jon Turk
In the wake of the Jomon , an excellent account of his expedition from Japan to Alaska. He also wrote Cold Oceans, which is about his travels in kayak, as well as in rowboats and dogsleds to some of the most remote spots on earth. Both books very well written and hard to put down.

Not kayaking…
…but one of the best salty true stories ever written…Godforsaken Sea.