Kayak bow dry bags?

Seems like my Pungo is big enough for, at least, an overnighter.
It has a rear bulkhead but no bow bulkhead.
I was thinking a wedge or cone shaped dry bag, for the bow, would maximize usable storage space, in addition to adding floatation.
Any recommendations?

Stowfloats used to be a lot more common in days past. If it really needs to be waterproof, Watershed dry bags and duffles are far and away the best but they are a bit pricey. Take a look at their Salmon and Futa wedge shaped dry bags.


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NRS has some I think.

Not sure about the exact shape that would be best for a Pungo but do a search for “Tapered Drybag”. I have a well-used Seal Line Kodiak Tapered drybag that has served me well for many years but I think would be too narrow and long for the front of a Pungo. As I recall they also had a Kodiak stern bag that was shorter and wider that might do the trick. Seattle Sports and Sea to Summit would also be places to look.

I stumbled across a really affordable product not to long ago by a company called Restrepo or Restrap of something that I had never heard of before. Seems like they had a few different sizes of tapered bags. It also seems like their prices were in the $20 to $30 range. I know nothing about them, have never seen their products and I wonder how they can produce and sell a quality product for that price. I suspect they don’t have a purge valve but it might serve your purpose.

REI has some online and I have seen them in store as well.


It case it wasn’t clear, @pblanc suggest of stowfloats are dry bags that work as float bags. This is the best way to maximize the space.

A benefit of them over a dry bag is that they have a way to puff up with air after you load gear into them and seal, giving you the most flotation possible out of it (where a tapered dry bag wouldn’t max this, as by default you push some air out when sealing it).