kayak cadence sensor

I’m interested in tracking my paddle cadence when kayaking. Has anyone had any experience using this cadence sensor?



Vaaka Cadence Sensor
I haven’t used one yet, but I have one on order to use with my Garmin 310XT for race training.

There’s been some discussion of this device at http://www.surfski.info/forum/advsearch.html?q=vaaka&exactname=1&childforums=1 .

Greg Stamer

Thanks Greg!
I think I may purchase one. It sounds like folks are getting good results with it.

Just received it.
I just received my new Vaaka cadence sensor. It works great. I’m actually noticing how subtle changes in my stroke will increase my speed without increasing my paddle rate.

This thing is incredible. I just hope it lasts.

first impressions are good
I received mine recently as well. Paired easily with my 310XT, the Garmin detects it with no problem, and works as advertised.

I’m using this mainly to keep cadence constant while increasing speed as a simple means of measuring/developing power. A metronome could also be used, but measurement on the fly is more versatile.

I see that there is at least one (strain gauge) power meter for kayaking under development http://kayakpowermeter.com/products. Power meters revolutionized bicycle training and might do the same for kayaking, if they could be made portable and inexpensive.

Has anyone used one of the accelerometer devices (attached to the boat) that estimates (calculates) power?

Greg Stamer