Kayak camping around Grand Bahama Island

Hello, I have wanted to do a kayaking camping trip to the Bahamas. I friend and I came up with a plan to bring our kayaks on a ferry to Grand Bahama and paddle around the main islands as well as some of the other islands close by. We would like to be able to camp but I have not found much/any information regarding laws for camping in specific areas of the Bahamas. Is anyone familiar with kayaking around these islands that could help me out?

I don’t have any tips, but that sounds like an amazing trip! Hope you get some good tips and enjoy the trip!

Remember the Bahamas is a foreign country.
Make sure you have your immigration documents in order and make sure you know the rules to bring equipment in and sometimes harder to get it out. Do not take any firearms.
They have many resorts and need you to spend money so they may not be friendly if you try to do it on the cheap.