kayak camping around NJ

Hi folks,

I’m interested in going on a solo 1 or 2 night kayak trip around the tri-state area (I’m from NJ). Any suggestions on a nice spot?

I’d like an easy trip, just to enjoy the scenery and get away from it all…

Thanks in advance.


Round Valley res . was a good place to camp but I think they may have

shut down the program due to budget problems . You should try and

contact them to find out if camping is still available .Its in Hunterdon co.

Is NY and Pa. an option?
You may want to consider Lake George in New York state. They have many islands already set up for camping on accessible only by boat. There is also Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania. They have Lake Jean as part of the Park area. You can get a campsite on the lakes edge and keep your boat right there with quick access to the water. They also have a beautiful waterfall trail to hike with approximately 10 waterfalls ranging in height up to about 100 feet high.

Yes - could certainly be worth a trip!
I’ll check into both of these areas. Mighty purdy country…

Keep those suggestions comin’!


Spruce Run has a campsite too, it’s nearby Round Valley.

ACA has a campsite on Sebago Lake in Harriman state park.

ADKs have a ton of options on many different lakes, as well as Lake George and Lake Champlain.

Just to name a few…


I’m looking too

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I am also looking for 1-2 night kayaking trips in the NJ area. The ideas above sound very nice. One question about Ricketts Glen State Park - just now much paddling can one do in that lake? I don't have a good sense of the size

How does the paddling/camping there compare to, say, Spruce Run?


Pine Barrens
Mullica (haven’t been there) and Batsto Rivers make nice overnight trips, stopping at the back-country sites. Info is found at the Wharton State Forest site.

Round Valley is surprisingly nice for such a populated area. Don’t discount it.


Upper Delaware
There is a nation rec area or something in the N. Delaware. Hancock to Port Jervis I think. Ive never been, but it would seem to be nice geographical landscape and good paddling.