Kayak camping chair or stool question

We are looking for a chair or stool that folds down enough to fit in our NDK Romany forward 9" round hatch. My wife’s Romany has more room (length) in her forward hatch because she had her bulkhead moved towards the stern. The stern hatch does not have much volume since we have wire skegs. So any suggestions you can share will be welcomed.

We will be camping in the San Juan Islands in August plus we plan to take local overnights starting in April on Tomales Bay and at other location.

I know we have an option to carry items on the deck but we like to have clean decks forward and have a spare paddle on the back deck.

chair or stool
Not exactly the answer you were looking for, but I found that I just can’t live with a chair that doesn’t have any back support. After a long day’s paddling, I need to be able to lean back.

I take one of the ubiquitous folding chairs in a bag that that I strap onto the back deck. It is an added inconvenience when stopping for lunch and I want something from the rear hatch, but it is such a bonus at the end of the day!


One Idea
This might (not) work in your kayak. My wife and I put folding tripod stools in the rear hatches of our Tempest Pro kayaks.

Portable Camp Chair
I’ve been looking at one of these but haven’t had the chance to sit in one yet.


camp chair

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Not bad if you are a little person. Takes some getting use to to put together. Nice in a pinch. I have one.


Not sure if I'd get another though.

I’m not exactly small… and just got a trailsling. I’m pretty comfy in it, and it does indeed fold down to about 3.5" tube that is about 17" long. It’s sturdy, PLUS, I just got mine from Campmor for $19.99!!! :slight_smile:

This, combined with the GSI micro table


and I’ll be kayak camping in style! I’ve had the GSI table for a while, and it’s great for putting the camp stove on to keep it stable for cooking, and it keeps food prep up and out of the sand.

Ultra Sling
Thanks for steering me towards Campmor’s site. Great price. I’ve also been using one of GSI’s micro tables for several years now and find it to be quite handy.

Thermarest conversion?
If this would be of use - for Thermarest or similar pads, you can get a cover for it with straps that effectively converts the sleeping pad into a chair. It isn’t elevated, but it does provide back support and a dry seat. You just have to make sure you match sizes - pad width and length.

Also - I have gone to a 3/4 length sleeping pad since getting the Explorer LV, so that I don’t have to plan the heck out of where to put it for an overnight trip. The boat will carry plenty, but with the 10" rounds you do have to think about the length compared to the thickness of things that you are putting thru there. Though, properly put on, the hatch covers are bone dry. That’s nice.

Consider nothing…
Been at this fer some years, and find beach logs, or gravel just fine to sit on. San Juans already provide excellent natural seating. The gigs where ya put yer Thermarest in expose the pad to a higher chance of puncture. I know you asked about chairs and I’m not answering that. I just really dislike lugging around unecessary stuff, and believe people would enjoy themselves more actually if they took less. Just a thought.

Have fun in my backyard!

Well I think that is the answer!

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As I thought about it more while I read the replies I started to realize just how little space I really have to work with. While the wife's Romany has a bit more stowage forward it ain't that much more. She already made it clear she does not want me to load to much in her boat just because she has more room! :-)

So I went out to the garage to look at the boats, thought about it a bit more and concluded I needed to have a priority list of what goes and what does not go. When I got back in the house I saw your reply and that nailed it. The chair or stool would be low on the priority list so nothing is the correct answer! Thanks salty!

Think I have one of those Thermarest chairs lying around in my gear room. Someone gave it to me some years ago…never use it. If I find it you can have it! Just stop by on your way.

If you decide they are a great comfort
Carry it in the cockpit right along the keel. You could rig something to keep it in place.

Can’t beat a Crazy Creek or similar
chair. Like you, I looked for something that would go in my hatch. I tried the trail sling, and loved it, but I had to replace it every year…it just couldn’t handle the strain of a sand or pebble beach…it needs a solid surface to really do well. I finally gave up the search and now I carry a standard Crazy Creek chair and just put my spare paddles on top of it. It is not as pretty a picture, but it makes for a very comfortable evening in camp. And, if you break a leg, you can use it as a splint!

How about this? And a double is +$10

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Clip carabiners for quick mount. Sit sideways for a chair.

Several of us use these…
Quick E seat, light and well built…


Old post revisited

I wanted to point out an instance of excellent customer service that I’m currently dealing with: my GCI Trail Sling had its frame get bent by a friend who put a little too much “oomf” into his test ride of my little chair. I emailed GCI to inquire about repair/replacement instructions yesterday. Within a few hours, I got a response from Liesje at GCI, who had just a few questions about the breakage (just trying to figure out if they needed me to send the whole thing back for repair or not). I explained the situation, and this morning, I have an email asking me to simply cut out a 3"x5" patch of fabric containing the logo on it from the seat. I send that in, and they will send me a new chair to the address of my choosing. My new chair should be here within 2 weeks!

I thought I’d mention this experience, in case any of you are in the market for a camp chair, and were considering one of the models GCI makes. With this kind of prompt customer service, I will definitely be buying additional products from GCI Outdoor the next time I’m in need!


follow up
My replacement chair arrived yesterday. I love great customer service!