Kayak Camping Chair Project

I've been working on a project some might find of some interest-a comfortable,lightweight, and packable/stowable kayak camping chair.
After over 3 decades of backpacking and 2 decades of kayak camping, my favorite camp chair is the Crazy Creek Sling Chair (maybe not its exact name but when you see it you'll probably know it).
The problem with this chair is that it doesnt fit as supplied by Crazy Creek into any of my kayak hatches.
The link below gives a cursory explanation of what I did in order to get it to fit in my kayak.
I've only tested to see if it will fit into a typical Valley hatch, so should fit in a QCC or any that are bigger.
I had one to start with, they went on sale at REI, so I bought the extra to play with. Essential we sawed it in half, made teak dowels for reassembly. Their is a swing down V shaped aluminum tube section that supports and acts as the chair back. We drilled through it then sawed it in half...it uses a pin for reassembly.
I'd appreciate any comments.


I carry my quik-e-seat with me. Its light, fits into reat hatch, has wide “feet” so it does not sink into sand as easily as cheaper chairs. It also has a back rest.

My hubby got it for me a couple of years ago. I get comments on it often. Bought two this past Christmas for some family members that kayak.

Bass Pro and Sweetwater Kayaks in Clearwater, FL, all carry them locally. Both have web sites.

Attached is the link to the Bass Pro site with picture:



Me Too…
I like the Quik-E ,

back on topic…I think it’s a great idea to cut one down…my only question would be stability/strength…how’s it hold up to the normal weight?

the Quick-E looks good
reminds me of the collapsible chairs at wallyworld every now and then for 5-10$…with the Quick-E I would wonder about how much space it takes up in the hatch. The CrazyCreek Sling when ‘undun’ lies flat on the inside of the hatch.

Weight…so far no problem, my youngest has been in and out of it for the last two days. I think the key to strength is the fit of the dowels. The manuf rates it at 250 unmodded of course, throw in their safety factor for the lawyers and it would probably hold 300-350? and methinks the teak dowels as strong as the aluminum tubing its made of so I forsee no problem with the exception of loosing the dowlels, at least they float–maybe a little stuff sack just for them.

I have to admit liking to lay back, hammock style in the CrazyCreek Sling…it was a fun/quick project that’ll get some use later this spring at Land Between the Lakes on a multiday paddle----wondering if I can get a sponsor hehehehhehe

I have plenty of room
left over in my rear hatch. Probably not as much as you though, the sling sounds nice.

I like the ease of just popping out the chair, open and sit. No set up, no additional parts. It is the same basic principle as the “bag chairs”, just smaller and not as bulky.

I’m sure different folks will like different things. Your chair looks very comfortable! But for ease and convenience, I’ll stick with the Quik-E-Seat.

Good luck with your chair!


Space? Weight?
From your photos, it seems like you’ve managed to get a really large chair to fit into your hatch, but it doesn’t leave room for much else! If you’re packing your boat for a multi-day trip, I don’t see this working.

There is something to be said for having a comfortable place to relax after a long day on the water, so I usually pack an Original Crazy Creek backpacking chair. You just un-clip the sides and the chair lays flat, and usually just line the inside of my hatch with it and load everything else on top. On cold weather trips, I’ve laid it flat on the bottom of the cockpit (in front of the seat), and it makes a nice insulating pad to keep your feet from getting cold.

Here’s the Crazy Creek Chair:


Another option for saving space is to employ the principle of redundancy…what else are you carrying that can be used? Since you’re already carrying a sleeping pad, why not use that for seating? The Therm-a-Rest chairs integrate with their mattresses and are very comfortable…moreover, they take up no extra bulk and add very little weight.

Here’s the Therm-a-Rest Trekker:


Another folder
from Duluth Tradins. has a 550# capacity, and ought to fit in any hatch.



well the weight is no consequence in the kayak packed for a multi-day trip, the space is not a problem either, maybe the pics dont show but the chair halves lie flat on the hull and in a way once halved they are skelatized taking little actual space…I did discover that in a skegged Valley boat the halves need to go in the front hatch. For me even if I do have to leave the microwave at home its worth it to have a reall comfortable chair.

Crazy Creek Long Back
I find that with a little not-so-gentle persuasion that my Crazy Creek folds nicely and fits through my stern hatch then springs back open to lay flat in the bottom. It allows me to only bring a torso length ThermaRest and the Crazy Creek unbuckled lays down to keep my legs and feet off of cold ground.

ThermaRest also makes a model that works like a Crazy Creek and rolls up like a sleeping pad.

Ditto the Trekker Lounge