Kayak Camping in the Keys

Are there any wilderness camping spots in the keys that are not accessible by car?

I’m just wondering if I decided to spend a few days paddling in the Florida Keys without checking into an RV campground or a State Park.

Kayak camping in the keys…
Contact Florida Bay Outfitters on Key Largo. They helped me plan a route to paddle from Key Largo to Key West, camping out each night except one, stayed in a motel one night.

Here’s a trip report:


Nice trip report. I enjoyed reading it. Now I know what to do more research on. :slight_smile: Thanks.

Placed this trip on my list of thinks to do.

Love the keys.

What year did you make this trip?

December, 2004
Made the trip in December, 2004. I understand they have been doing a lot of work on the Florida Keys Paddling Trail, so there may be more and better places to camp. Florida Bay Outfitters will know the latest info…

Long Key Primitive sites require a state park permit.

The only other one that would be free, is the one just off the seven mile bridge, and you are just off the bridge

If you want to try and camp on Sombrero Beach, you are liable to get arrested and besides it is one of the few beaches in the Keys that is a public dog beach

Not sure where you camped on Tavernier, but there are no places that I know of

I know every off shore Key and the only ones that you could camp on are North nest, and you need a national Park Permit for that.

I guess you could go and knock on peoples doors and ask if you can camp in their yard…

If you want to paddle the six miles out to the Mudd Keys, there is a good camp site out there if you want to chance it -It is against the law.



I have a feeling you are not going to relate to that trip report.



That’s why FBO is the place to go…
A lot of the places I mentioned in my trip report are places to rest, never suggested camping on Sombrero Beach.

Tavernier Key is about 1/2 mile or so off Tavernier, not much high ground but it is adequate.

Florida Bay Outfitters gave me a route with several camp sites I didn’t use, that is why I suggest you contact them for the latest information.

I don’t mean to be a spoil sport, but
there are no other off shore Keys that you can legally camp on.

I know a bunch of neat places,off shore, but just don’t get caught.

Then on the main keys, I know of places all the way down, but you are liable to have a drunk knocking at your tent door in the middle of the night, and at just about all of them you would be setting up on broken bottles and trash.

Your best bet in the Keys, is day trips either staying in the state parks or motels.