kayak camping what is the best kayak

I’m getting interested in kayak camping I currently own a hand built sof disco bay replica Greenland boat which is pretty terrible for extended trips I have very little experience with assembly line boats so I’m curious if anyone has any suggestions for kayak modules that are great for long camping trips I’m talking long trips island hoping for maybe a week or more

what are your metrics
It would help in making suggestions if you would post your height and weight, also if you have a budget in mind.

my metrics
I’m 5-10" 160lbs or so physically fit I have a fairly high budget upwards of 6,000 or so

Many choices
With a 6 grand budget I will assume you will go with a composite kayak. There are so many choices its hard to suggest. Is there any local kayak shops near by driving distance. If so tell us what brand they stock and maybe some suggestions could be made. A classic expedition kayak is a NDK Explorer. I myself was using a NDK Greenlander Pro for my kayak camping but just bought a used QCC 700x to take over for camping.

So tell us what if any the local kayak stores carry. I would say stay to at least a 17 foot long kayak for decent storage capacity.

rudder vs. skeg
Where are you located? Here in the Northwest, one would likely choose a sit-inside-kayak. There are arguments for a kayak with a skeg and for one with a rudder. But to maximize camping gear storage space, the ruddered boat is attractive because there is no skeg box in the rear hatch taking up space just where you want it.

There are occasional good deals on Craigslist. My recent acquisition via that list was to trade a smallish ‘spare’ skegged boat for a kevlar Necky Looksha IV with rudder for exactly the reason you mention - to get more camping gear storage space. I did replace the sliding foot pedals with fixed position accelerator style pedals.

If one prefers skeg boats, you can just pack more efficiently and buy more compact camping gear items.

my location
I live in the northeast I believe old town is in Maine near me and there is a store in rhoade island that sells them I suppose what I’m looking for is a big kayak capable of a lot of storage I was also considering putting one of those small kayak sails on it to turn it into a sail kayak

not enough limitations
What you have stated (budget, size, want lots of space, etc.) is not giving us enough limiting factors to key in on a boat. There is a huge number of boats that fit this.

But, I think many of these may not fit the type of boat you like, coming from a SOF.

The one thing you keep saying is lots of space. And there are some huge boats out there that can carry weeks worth of gear. But if you are used to a low volume SOF, these will feel like barges that your body is swimming in with few contact points.

I think you need to get down to a local paddling shop or two and start sitting in boats (and paddling, when the weather allows). And think through how much gear you would carry and when you get close to a boat you like, bring it down and see if you can pack it in the hulls. You’d be surprised about how much even fits in smaller boats. I have done 2-3 day trips out of 14 foot boats (Dagger Alchemy, Necky Looksha Sport), though granted it is tight.

If you do like the low volume feel, but want a boat to carry gear, one boat that comes to mind is a Valley Nordkap. In general, you likely would prefer British style boats to American style. P&H, Tiderace, NDK, etc.

Old Town is part of the Johnson Outdoors family of brands. The only boats I would consider would be the Chatham series or maybe the Looksha Elite, both in the Necky brand.

Where in NE are you
you are sadly mistaken if you think your choices are limited to Old Town

Take a ride to Camden to MaineSport… HUGE selection

Kittery Trading Post

Rhode Island has The Kayak Centre

Collinsville Canoe and Kayak in Connecticut

NorthShore Kayak in Mass

I am not supplying you links. Its up to you to do some work… So far hundreds of boats fit your criteria. And your boat does need to fit you…

don’t get a barge

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The comments by Peter-CA are right on. In your original post, you indicate island hopping etc. Chances are good that you will at some point encounter rough seas. So your kayak needs to hold enough camping gear AND handle rough seas. These don't need to be competing goals, but beware of wide, roomy boats (aka barges). They feel stable in calm seas, can hold lots of gear, but are actually dangerous in rougher water. look at the form factor of the Nordkapp that Peter-CA mentions to get a rough idea of the sort of boat length and beam that would be appropriate. An appropriate yet somewhat narrow boat will feel tippy at first, but that feeling goes away.

And the idea of renting & trying kayaks is great ... money well spent that will save money in the long run. Instruction can also be a splendid idea, if from a competent outfit.

Pardon me if this is all old news to you.


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A number of options from The River Connection.
P&H Cetus MV or possibly Cetus LV
North Shore Atlantic FG or possibly Atlantic LV FG
Lincoln Isle Au Haut or Schoodic

Add on a P&H 1m Sail.

All in the Demo fleet but liquid water is a bit scarce at the moment.

See you on the water,
The River Connection, Inc.
Hyde Park, NY

You can stay inb Maine
Check out places like this one, further south in Maine. No need to go to another state to see boats and get good advice.


These guys will let you demo
And you can get some great instruction as well. http://www.seacliffkayakers.com/

6? you are
in Dude…go directly to Wenonah, NRS, REI, Campmor, Kokotat.

walked out
with a Samsung S5 yesterday. Now I can tell if its raining.

I may be bias, because …
it is what I have, but my wife and I do extended trips like you are talking about and I couldn’t ask for a better kayak than a QCC-700.

One thing you should look at is the size of the compartment hatches, and you won’t find any larger on any other kayak.

It is 18 feet long, will handle rough water and you can store all you need for a week or more.

It is also superbly built

See if you can find someone near you with one and try it out

Jack L

best 'yak 4 camping
…would be one that will roll on land to the nearest hotel…( sorry i could not resist)

Solstice Titan
here at 57 gallons storage plus 6+ in the cockpit.

I’m not finding room for a synthetic fill sleeping bag but a kayak cart goes in so the rig rolls up the beach pronto.

If serious, we suggest

physical training of arms, glenohumorous joint, wrists, fingers, leg stretching exercises (for no cramps)…see EXRX.COM

read Coastal Kayaker by Washburne

and thru http://denisdwyer.blogspot.com/

go thru Current Designs (not Wenonah) specs. Copy the dimensions into Word then flip thru the lot.


Sea Kayaker Magazine had a pdf.

buy everything on the list.

sunglasses see Yorktowne Optical, an OR Goretex hat…deriguer !

Kayak Florida Bay and Keys winters, San Juan Island out of San Juan County Park during High Summer or when all the incoming currents line up from the gauge at Juan de Fuca’s mouth to Kanaka Bay to Roche Harbor

see also
Kayak Navigation by Burch

and consider a Garmin GPS 78 with marine charts…charts tell depth, depth contour paddling gives speed.

Search into: ultralight backpacking…for ideas and conceptuals.

Earth, this is Florida over an out.

cargo space and handling
I suppose I should have mentioned that yes it is correct that the cargo space needs to be big but not so big as to effect handling I am a relatively skilled paddler and like a tight feel I would like something that is rollable although I’m aware nothing I get will roll as easily as my sof theQCC-700. And the nodrikapp seem like pretty good finds I’ll look OK into tgose

QCC cargo
in gallons ? looked at the QCC site but did not see cargo capacity.

Do you now this or hazard a guess ?